So What If You Had a Road Traffic Accident?

In a day and age where car windows are littered with such signs, do they have any use in preventing road traffic accidents? Youngsters can often suffer serious personal injuries in car accidents and their parents may later consult personal injury solicitors to make no win, no fee claims, especially as recent statistics show that every year approximately 30 children aged 0-11 are killed in car crashes. So can we believe that these signs have had an impact on reducing the number of crashes involving younger passengers?

According to some internet sources, safety signs such as the classic “Baby Onboard” were used by the emergency services so they would know to look for a baby at the scene of a car accident. However, if a baby was not present in a vehicle at the time of a car crash, firemen, paramedics and police officers could have easily spent a long time searching for a passenger who was not in fact “on board”.

For a number of motorists, driving behind vehicles displaying safety signs seems to trigger something in their brains which makes them drive a little slower, even if the sign says “Hot Mummy Onboard”. But what is the purpose of such a sign? Surely if there’s been a car accident the emergency services wouldn’t arrive at the scene and say, “Right men there’s a sign in the window that says there is a “hot mummy” onboard, be sure to keep your eye open for her”. Maybe when the mother makes a no win, no fee claim she’ll tell her compensation solicitors that if it hadn’t been for the safety sign, she may have been abandoned in the vehicle and suffered even more severe personal injuries.

But “Hot Mummy Onboard” isn’t the only random sign that drivers face as they queue in traffic jams throughout the UK, there’s also “Dad’s Taxi Service”, Groovy Chick Onboard” and “Daddy’s Little Girl Onboard”. These are just some of the somewhat humorous descriptions we get to read about the driver in front of us. However, some drivers do not display such cheeky safety signs to avoid the risk of car accident claims for car crashes needing to be made. Nope, some drivers take things one step further and give everybody on the roads a sharp and to the point warning to stay clear of the back of their motor.

Some of the best bumper stickers have got to be “If you can read this then you’re too close” and the very simplistic “Back Off”. These signs can often intimidate drivers but can also urge other motorists to drive even closer to the perpetrator’s car as if to say “Who do you think you are telling me to back off?” With a large number of motor accidents caused by road rage, it is extremely important that motorists do not antagonise other road users as it could lead to a very costly no win, no fee claim for car accident injuries.

But maybe car safety signs are a good idea, and perhaps they allow motorists to become a little more sociable and friendlier on the roads? We often forget that we are one big community sharing the same roads to get from A to B and although car safety signs might not limit the number of no win, no fee claims they could successfully increase social development. So, the next time you’re shopping at Halfords or on ebay, why not buy your own personal safety sign and let the driver behind you get to know you just that little bit better?
Sabung Ayam
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