So Who is the Hottest Teen Diva Today?

Born on the 28th of April 1981, Jessica Marie Alba is an actress known for her beauty and versatility. Determined to be an actress, Alba landed her first major role in Camp Nowhere and was soon followed by The Secret World of Alex Mack. She received rave reviews and was cast in many other projects such as Flipper, Venus Rising, P.U.N.K.S., Brooklyn South, Never been Kissed, Idle Hands, Honey, Sin City, Fantastic Four, Into the Blue and Good Luck Chuck. However, Alba is not only known for her great acting, but also for her beautiful physical features. She has been recognized by various magazines such as Maxim and FHM. In spite these, Alba still does not want any nude scenes, understanding that this can hinder her from getting some roles. But the fans love her all the more for being a great actress and a principled woman rolled into one.

Born on the 27th of September 1972, Gwyneth Kate Paltrow is an actress who is now known for her amazing acting talent. At first, she only got publicity due to her broken engagement to actor and colleague in Shout, Brad Pitt. However, this did not stop her from continuing her career and slowly rising up in establishing a name in Hollywood. She has been cast in various films such as Hook, Deadly Relations, Malice, Se7en, Moonlight and Valentino, Emma, Great Expectations, Shakespear in Love, Proof and the recent Iron Man to name a few. Paltrow has shown her wondrous talent and has proven that she is more than just a face in the wall.

Born on the 25th of April 1969, Renee Kathleen Zellweger is one of the actresses that found her passion when she was studying as member of the drama club. She then studied acting in University of Texas and soon after decided to make acting a career. Zellweger is best known for her performances in The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Love and a .45, Jerry Maguire, Nurse Betty, One True Thing, Me, Myself and Irene, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Chicago, Down with Love, Cold Mountain, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, Cinderella Man and Miss Potter. Although was anxious to break into Hollywood at first, Zellweger has proven herself very much worthy of being one of the best actresses in the industry.

Born on April 19, 1979, Kate Garry Hudson is daughter to notable performers Bill Hudson and Goldie Hawn. Ever since her childhood, she has loved sharing her talent. Although her mother is already an established actress, Hudson made her own mark in the industry and shined on her own by invading the big screen with many great movies such as Almost Famous, Raising Helen, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Skeleton Key, You, Me and Dupree and most recently, Fool’s Gold. Aside from being a noteworthy actress, Hudson is known to be a wonderful person who exudes great charisma. A fantastic actress in her own right, America’s sweetheart is a beautiful person inside and out.

Born on the 7th of October 1976, Rachel Anne McAdams is a Canadian actress who had a made a good mark in Hollywood. McAdams was originally a competing figure skater during her early years but as she reached her teens, she joined a summer theatre camp which produced Shakespearean plays. Although she planned differently, McAdams took drama in college and finished an honor student with a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts. From there, she began her career and took roles in many series and movies to date like Shotgun Love Dolls, The Famous Jett Jackson, Guilt by Association, My Name in Tanino, Perfect Pie, The Hot Chick, Slings and Arrows, Wedding Crashers, Red Eye, The Family Stone and Married Life. However, she is best known for her portrayal of Regina George and Allison Hamilton in Mean Girls and The Notebook respectively. However, her busy schedule does not hinder her to spend time with her family and friends. With these, McAdams has developed into one of the most beautiful people in Hollywood.
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