Soak Up The Sun: Five Summer Beach Holidays

There are some beautiful beaches in the UK and they are great to visit during the seemingly random sunnier periods of our year. However, lets be honest, the British summertime is a bit of an up and down affair at best and can often end up becoming a washout. With belts being tightened and every penny counted, do you really want to risk your hard-earned cash on a beach holiday in the rain?

With last minute offers and huge summer sales, there are now many beach holidays to luxury destinations across the world that will cost you less than you think.

When it comes to beach holiday destinations, Egypt may not be the first one that springs to mind however, if you want the smallest possible chance of rain on your holiday, then Egypt is probably your best bet. In the summer months Egypt will have consistently average temperatures in the 30s and around 12 hours of sunshine a day. Rainfall is pretty much nonexistent during June to September, so you are almost guaranteed a sunny holiday. The coastal resort of Sharm El Sheikh is becoming increasingly popular with British tourists and offers some of the best beaches and five star hotels that Egypt has to offer. A flight to Egypt is around five hours, so it is very popular with those wanting a bit of sun, but aren’t willing to go long-haul.

A little further afield than Egypt, the island of Hawaii has very consistent weather throughout the year with average summertime temperatures of around 30oC. However, there are many different micro-environments and you can find tropical rainforests and sunny beaches right next to each other. Water temperatures can reach a very pleasant 27ºC and there are many beautiful, picture perfect beaches for holidaymakers to enjoy. Obviously the exchange rate to the US Dollar will have a great influence on the price of your Hawaiian holiday, so it is worth keeping an eye on the exchange rate to get a good deal.

While Hawaii has always been a popular island to visit, one that has grown in popular recentlyOne of the top beach destinations in the world is the Indonesian island of Bali. The best time to visit Bali is between May and October when rainfall is at its lowest. The temperature is fairly consistent throughout the year and is usually around 28oC. The beaches of Bali are what people come to experience and there is nothing like taking a dip in warm turquoise waters or watching a Bali sunset from a hammock with a cocktail in hand. Be prepared for a long flight, but your pound should go a long way against the Indonesian Rupiah.

Back in Europe, Italy might not have been the first place to mind when thinking about a beach break, but there are plenty of beautiful spots to lay down your towel. Some of the country’s highlights include the beautiful beaches of Sardinia, Tuscany and the Italian islands. The Italian climate is Mediterranean, especially on the west coast, so it is hot and dry during the summer months and perfect beach weather. Also, the flight time to Italy is only around two and half hours so you don’t have to travel too far to find some summer sun.

For those looking to leave the familiarity of Europe and venture into the dark continent, Kenya is a popular holiday choice. Known for its amazing wildlife and safaris, few travellers are aware of its amazing coast and beaches. The city of Mombassa is a very popular beach destination and travellers will often book a Kenya safari and a week on the beach to help them relax. Kenya’s coast boasts over 300 miles of white sand beaches and summer high temperatures of around 30oC. There are also a huge number of activities to keep you busy, including some great dive sites and a range of watersports for thrill seekers.

So when you are looking at beach holidays this year, keep these destinations in mind and you are almost guaranteed some summer sun.
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