Social Media Press Release – A New Way To Sell Software Online?

If you are looking for fresh ideas to promote and sell software online , then you might be interested in the social media community as it has great marketing potential. Many software companies still ignore the opportunities in this arena. If you would like to reach the comunities in social media, learn how to create and distribute social media press release (SMPR) that can create a great buzz around your products and increase website traffic and sales.
SMPR is a press release created the way to suit the social media atmosphere. Using the links sharing services in the SMPR, readers can easily distribute the news inside the community. Optimized with keywords, the SMPR is visible to search engines driving more website traffic.
Grab attention for your SMPR with catchy phrases, interesting graphics, and bold text.
SMPR structure
– Headline – needs to be short, with a keyword to attract potential customers.
– Subheadline – provides more information on the news update.
– News summary – avoid any buzzwords.
– Quotes – should either explain why the news is an important accomplishment or highlight the benefits.
– Market facts and relevant links – you can put a list of links where audience can get more information about company and products.
– Company info – a few sentences about the company.
– Images link – one of the best ways is to upload images to the social media sharing service and tag relevant words.
– RSS link – give bloggers and journalists an ability to subscribe to your company news.
– Technorati tags – readers will have access to your SMPR if it is tagged and published correctly.
– Bookmarks – readers may want to save links with the bookmarking tool.
– News sharing links – put some links that can be used by readers to share and promote your news.
– Contact info – put only relevant info.
SMPR should be a valuable update for the reader, whether it is about new software product or a recent partnership. Use informal language to engage the social media audience – be friendly and interesting. Avoid any self-promotion because it will be considered as spam.
How to distribute SMPR?
– SMPR can be an entry on the company blog.
– Submit it to article submission directories.
– Use bookmarking sites.
– Find bloggers interested in your industry.
– Create a video with the information from SMPR and promote it on YouTube.
The SMPR is a relatively new format of news delivery. Try to find your own style that will help you write effective SMPR and distribute it online. SEO and SEM principles are very important for this type of press release. Deliver value to the readers – if readers consider your SMPR content to be informative, they will be more interested in your company and the software solutions you sell online. SABUNG AYAM

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