Social Media Tops for Sharing on the Web !!!!!!!!

Do you all know the fact that almost 43% of total news sharing between individual to individual, individual to group, and between group to group is from social mediums like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, followed by email (30%), SMS (15%) and IM’s (12%). Social means sharing and this is how social media has made it so easier, like you can express your feelings and thoughts in fraction of seconds by just clicking.

This really bothers me to think upon that how many people share and how much data is flowing on the web. But when i came across the CNN study findings that 27% of Frequent Sharers were truly responsible for 87% of all the news which was shared online; What I see here is that, today the social media has a very less number of users who are answerable for most of the content produced and shared on web.

In this regard I dont see that this is a bad thing or something wrong with social media. I have often seen some comments on the “small” percentage of active sharers. However, 27 percent is a very large number. Usually the percentage of content sharers is small but is still appreciable.

This huge content of shared thoughts is very necessary or we can say important for new as well as  established organizations in each and every aspect. There is benefit in analysing, how they originally behave and what they actually share.

Finally, I would also like to see some thing shared via social media inside the enterprise which is now been done by emails. And this is also true that emails still are the main source to share content in many companies. But there is a greater horizon for using social mediums inside the organisations as they provide better analytical platform for communication.

Ishu Sen

The author is a business researcher with CheckBuzz, a social media monitoring company.

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