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Out from the accident, to the re-ranking
Bringing home appliances
List, Yijingyizha, the solar energy industry in this Year of the Ox has finally done the hard turn.
However, the rural South
Daily News reporter recently discovered in the investigation, as long
Solar water heaters
Product standards are not uniform, incomplete, resulting in a hodge-flooding the market after sale
Confusion and other problems, and affected farmers throughout the purchase desire.

“Since the Rotary launched, and then sending one-way”, there are professionals to the expectations expressed hope that implementation of the policy by bringing home appliances industry, major reshuffle, the promotion of industry self-regulation and government supervision of both, to achieve true ” Sunshine households. “

Great potential for rural markets

Opportunity, this is a foregone conclusion after the final solar energy to rural areas in general industry view.

Has been in the industry to heart is that China 3 / 4 of the population lives in rural areas constitute about 3 million households, but penetration of solar water heaters less than 10%.

In fact, compared to cities, rural solar energy has its own distinct advantages, not only better use of light resources, and no tall buildings in the block, light surface feet wide application; but also more convenient to install, rural housing to the main courtyard, there are few high-rise buildings and high-rise, so most of the rural housing with solar water heaters installed on common conditions.

In the water, the number of rural areas now have pass on the water, which makes solar water heaters, water more convenient, the same time, domestic water pumps can also be directly used for solar water.

In addition, with the city to install solar water heaters exist compared to the late issue of property management, farmers can use self-installation of solar energy, property management is not complicated, and disputes that may arise, more convenient to use solar energy.

For rural, the solar energy cost savings of the family is obvious. A solar water heater the supply of hot water a year, equivalent to 214 kilograms of standard coal, 163 cubic meters of gas, 1748 kWh of electricity produces heat, which could save consumers nearly thousand dollars
Expenditures, using some well-known solar water heater, the life of 15 years, during which the cost savings can be nearly 15,000.

Rich farmers on the quality of life become increasingly demanding, these factors created the conditions for the solar energy to rural areas, also destined to accomplish a great deal of solar energy in rural areas.

To promote effective service to be to keep up with

“16 years ago, most people do not know why things solar, solar popularizing the urgent and difficult, if not we Qinghua Sun, and several other early development of solar energy companies tenacious, not the cause of a large group engaged in solar energy people of insight to work together, the solar energy industry would not have today’s rapid development. “solar thermal utilization in China, deputy director of the Committee, the five-star solar chairman Hu Guangliang that, with these premises, the Chinese solar market, there was rising demand trend.

Government solar energy on this issue, in fact, have played a role in boosting hand. Such as
Building on an earlier provincial energy saving target: By 2010, the province’s cities and towns to the current level of new buildings to achieve 50% energy, a positive development and utilization of solar and other renewable energy sources, urban and rural residents across the province and strive to achieve 30% utilization of solar water heaters above.

But at the moment the industry is clearly not enough to prop up the status of this figure.

Solar energy service quality will affect people’s confidence in the product. “The most troubling is that after-sales service, so be sure to use good
“100 million to water heater in Renhua county agents personal experiences, from the precision farming market since 2005, he entered a local” sunshine-home project “in government procurement directory. And with the purchase of solar energy farmers 800 yuan of subsidy arrangements, which more directly boost the brand’s hot. SABUNG AYAM