Solo Ads – Make the Most of Them With Ezine Advertising

Those who have been around Internet marketing circles for a while know the importance of traffic. You’ll get no results for all the time, effort, and attention you invested in creating a stunning website with a profit churning sales letter if your site isn’t getting traffic. Even though there are many different ways to get traffic to your site, ezine advertising is still the chosen method for many marketers. Solo ads on niche related ezine publications provide a low cost method so that you can reach out to your target market. This marketing method is so popular because it doesn’t require a lot of money to do it.

When you’re writing your solo ad, work on using language that is simple, but still packs a punch. Write your ad the same way you talk, without any jargon at all. Anybody reading your ad should be able to comprehend what you’re saying. Don’t let it get overly complicated, just be yourself. Write using short paragraphs and sentences so subscribers won’t have a chance to get confused. You’ll see better responses from ads written in easy to understand English.

The next thing you need to do is make your audience an offer they can’t refuse. One way to do this is by attaching a special bonus to the offer that is only available for a specific time-frame. This creates urgency and at the same time makes your ad’s conversion rate grow. This is an effective motivator because people like getting free things so much. It isn’t terribly difficult to generate a special report of free eBook that can be used for this “bonus.”

A solo ad is a great way to capitalize on discounts for your products if you aren’t opposed to offering them. When you extend the offer only to people who subscribe to the specific ezine you’re working with, it will provide even greater incentive. This discount doesn’t have to be a lot, something around 10% to 15% can make a big difference to your conversions. Your goal is to provide the incentive customers need to make the decision to buy by offering a special discount just for them.

You can make solo ads even more effective for your marketing needs if you follow the tips above. Even better is that you don’t need a lot of technical skill or rocket science brain power to get these solo ads out to the public. The most critical part of the process is finding the best fit when it comes to ezines.
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