Some Important Information You Need to Know Before Breeding Finches

Owners have to understand breeding finches at some point most especially if they have male and female finches on the cage or aviary. When they reach their adult stage, they will try to breed. This process is crucial and if owners want it to be successful they have to learn as much as they can regarding the needs and what to expect when breeding finches.

Diet for Breeding Finches

The Finches who are in the mating or breeding stage have to be given ample food, mixture of seeds and green foods, canary seed, panicium millet, white millet, Japanese millet and millet spray.

It is crucial to provide breeding finches with clean water every day and to help them have a clean cage or aviary to avoid contamination. When the eggs have already been hatched make sure that the couples are protected. Remove any finches that try to bully them. Make sure that the young would be protected. If you see any threat, make sure to provide another home for them. Change the cage until the younger ones are able to protect themselves.

Remember that the food requirements would differ for various finches, the Zebra finches and society finches would adapt more easily compared to the Gouldian finches. Remember to remove the uneaten portion of bread and seed at the end of the day and to prepare a new one. Finches can also feed on biscuits and egg for additional nutrients like calcium. There must also be a certain amount of grit included in their diet. This could be soluble or non-soluble. It would be good if the aviary that you will be constructing outside will allow the birds to safely peck the soil.

Nesting Place of Breeding Finches

There are two ways. The first one is to try to buy an artificial nest that the finches can use. The better one is to look for plastic materials. if this does not work, you must be willing to provide the finches with materials that they can use like newspapers, broad leaf plants and weed seeds. Use thistle dandelion and chick weed as this are easy to provide, make sure that the leaves are dry and without fertilizer to avoid harming the health of the birds.

Balancing Temperature while Breeding Finches

The temperature of the breeding and mating area must be balanced. It must not be too warm or too cold in order to motivate the birds into reproducing and to protect the eggs from being destroyed. Make sure that the birds will not be reached by the rain. They must be placed high enough that no other animals or wind can harm them.

Society Finches

The society finches are too sociable. You would want to separate the couples and the eggs once the female has given birth due to the fact that the other society finches would lie on the nests. This can cause the mother to forget her duties and neglect their young. You have to be strategic, to see what is happening on the nest without disturbing the peace and quiet of the breeding finches.
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