Some Tips on How to Sell on eBay With Dropshippers

Selling on eBay is fun and rewarding if done right. I have learned several important lessons in the past 3 years. This article will explain how to sell on ebay and what you must do and not do when using dropshippers.

I started selling sports merchandise and memorabilia and continue to do so today and I do very well. The problem i was having with dropshippers is that every so often when I sold something my dropshipper would either be out of stock or didn’t carry a certain item anymore.

I was lucky that most of my customers understood and didn’t leave me negative feedback. If your going to be selling on ebay using dropshippers ask them some questions like do they have a site where you can check their inventory, will they notify you of items that are out of stock or that won’t be carried any longer.

I would say that 90% of dropshippers aren’t reliable on keeping a good amount of stock. And that is way too high of a percentage to take a chance with. Before selling on eBay make sure you find a reliable dropshipping company. It will make your life so much easier. Sure we like the fact that dropshippers will ship the product out for us which is very convenient but it still isn’t worth the aggravation.

I would recommend that if you can afford it, to buy the products at wholesale which will benefit you in 3 ways.

1. You don’t have to worry about the product being out of stock.

2. You won’t have to pay dropshipping fees that are usually anywhere from 3 to 6 dollars.

3. You will have a better chance of keeping a good ebay feedback score.

The one thing I learned about ebay buyers is that when they buy something from you and you don’t have the item in stock and have to explain that to them, they really don’t understand how you can list something and not have it in stock.

I try to explain to them that their are a lot of sellers that use dropshippers on eBay, but to them they don’t understand and don’t care. They bought something and they want it.