Songkran Festival – The Thai New Year

Songkran is the conventional Thai New Year generally celebrated amongst the thirteenth and fifteenth of April each and every year, coinciding with the New Year days of a number of other South Asian countries. Songkran is actually a Sanskrit word which actually implies ‘astrological passage’ and the date of its occurrence was typically calculated each and every year ahead of it was permanently fixed in mid-April. The occasion falls on the hottest days of the calendar and is celebrated throughout Thailand as a national vacation.

In the course of Songkran folks attempt to cease committing undesirable deeds and bring food to monks at Buddhist temples where they also pray and cleanse photos of the Buddha brought from residence. The cleansing is carried out by washing the photos with scented water. Whilst traditionally Songkran was a time for prayer, exactly where individuals visited elders including loved ones, friends, monks and neighbours, some new practices have evolved over time.

The most popular ‘new tradition’ is the practice of throwing water. Men and women typically carry about water pistols and even plastic containers filled with water and throw the contents on anyone who passes by. Initially throwing water was a sign of respect as the water employed was the remains after cleaning the Buddha statues. Nevertheless, it is now accomplished largely out of a sense of fun and a way of escaping the summer season heat.

Even though the festival is celebrated all through the nation, the festivities in particular places are greater than other folks. Chiang Mai is a common spot to celebrate the Songkran Festival, with the celebrations generally going on for six days. An additional well-known location to celebrate the event is Chiang Rai, also recognized as the Golden Triangle.

Vacationers can celebrate the popular Songkran Festival at a luxury hotel Chiang Rai such as Anantara Golden Triangle Thailand. Festivities in the Golden Triangle are really grand with several Chiang Rai hotels receiving into the spirit of factors. Golden Triangle is the name offered to the border shared by Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. Noted sights in the region incorporate Phra That Doi Pu Khao, the Hall of Opium, and the Home of Opium and they offer you a unique insight into the region’s wealthy cultural heritage.