South East Asian cuisine

The Flying Monk is here in Kolkata to aid you indulge in the gastronomic delights of the far east cuisine.Open for lunch (noon to 3.30pm) and dinner (6pm to 11.30pm), the 72- seater snazzy restaurant is a venture by GAMA Hospitality ( master franchise in the east for The Cream and Fudge Factory, Pizza Corner and Donut Baker). We supply all types of south-east asian cusines specially Chinese, Japanese, Singaporean, Taiwanese, Thai and Vietnamese. With upbeat lounge music, wooden beams, faux exposed – brick walls and quirky art inspired by tangrams ( Chinese puzzle created of seven flat pieces referred to as tans), The Flying Monk has the posh feel of a winner. The restaurant has a veg and non-veg dim sum menu for the afternoons.Seafood lovers mustn’t miss the Prawns and Crabmeat with almond flakes. The menu describes it as a seafood extravaganza, which surely is not an more than-statement. We wanted to provide a lot more to the dessert lovers. Mousse, cheesecake, creme rulee, you can locate them all more than right here. The Flying Monk is an experimental, effectively travelled monk, who introduces his menu with anecdotes and smart – alec comments, like “Why walk when you can fly?”. Nicely why do something else when you can consume, is what we’d like to say! The name of the restaurant conjures an image of a new-age monk who is trendy and nicely travelled.The restaurant also makes use of unique appliances and utensils, which not only enhance the taste and flavour of the meals but also make the dishes low on oil.. For instance, the restaurant has a duck oven and a specific appliance to prepare sorbets. The appliances have been specially imported from China, Hong Kong and the US. Components such as herbs, sauces and spices are also imported. There are also pre-booking facilities supplied by the restaurant for parties and other events. The Flying Monk has a pleasant ambiance. Lounge music plays at the restaurant. Wi-fi Net facility is also obtainable.
Beethoven for Elephants – Thailand

I took my piano to the mountains of Kanchanaburi to play for some very old, injured and handicapped elephants, especially a blind elephant Plara right away behind the piano.

*At 18.00 27th March 2012 Plara, the blind elephant behind the piano passed away following numerous weeks of illness.

*Elephant-lovers please rest-assured – all keys on contemporary pianos (such as this one) are created from synthetic plastic material and have been manufactured this way for some considerable time.

Plara arrived at breakfast time and stopped munching the juicy grass when he heard music, so, (?) perhaps he was listening …

Music: Slow movement (two) from Beethoven’s Pathétique Sonata.

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