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Is the world’s largest maker of microwave ovens, of which exports overseas Qicheng

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Manufacture of

“Price butcher” experience rate shock changing situation???

Shunde, China
Home Appliances
The first city in the world home appliance factory. For China’s home appliance industry is concerned, there is definitely a magical land. From the last century 80’s, Shunde household electrical appliance industry led to great efforts to develop township enterprises and export-oriented economy, to create the ringing of many household appliances brands: beauty, Kelon, Glanz, MACRO,
Million and
, Herbalife … … called “Shunde miracle.” Judging from the administrative division, Shunde, Guangdong Province, only
City under the jurisdiction of a district, but the appliance industry in the most brilliant period of four consecutive years in China, Shunde has ranked top hundred counties. In 2006, Shunde has become the first county-level GDP over 100 billion yuan administrative units, even higher than the same year, many domestic provinces and autonomous regions.

Now, however, the outside world, Shunde has “become too appliances, household appliances or failure” of the evaluation, because there has been facing a bottleneck in industrial upgrading appliances. Particularly in the face of the current financial crisis sweeping the globe has become the world’s largest and lowest cost production base for home appliances, Shunde, what should we do? In fact, this is all “Made in China” facing the subject.

“No matter how we further reduce production costs, foreign currency devaluation, but arrived too fast!” Has a “price butcher,” said executive vice president of Galanz Group
Yuyao Chang
The recent volatility of global exchange rate was very hard to deal with. Financial crisis, he has been dead to pull the veterans home microwave oven manufacturing costs are now concerned about the daily exchange rate changes around the world, “won more than 40% devaluation of the Australian dollar, Canadian dollar fell 3 percent, the euro also have two percent.” Face the rapid depreciation of the currencies of many countries, lowering their costs Galanz had to seize every possible market advantages of methods have been ineffective. Talking microwave oven has been proudly Yuyao Chang admitted to a reporter, this year 22,000,000 units of the microwave oven Galanz export plans have been impossible.

Galanz is the world’s largest microwave oven manufacturers, Qi Cheng exports overseas. Glanz of the microwave oven can be manufactured cost control, “sophisticated” to describe, since its involvement microwave oven industry, this former high-end home appliances, fell by nearly 10 times, to spread rapidly in the global markets, including China. Costs and prices in Galanz offensive, the number of veterans of foreign microwave products have defeated the Chinese market, and even around the world completely abandoned this industry. A few years ago, just enter China
Also had hoped to rely on their strong family property regardless of the cost to carry the dead with Galanz microwave oven price war, but ultimately can not “price butcher” counter and defeated. SABUNG AYAM