Cocoon is an eminent manufacturer of spacious bird houses that are the best suited for your poultry bird flock. The company designs specialized chicken coops to keep your birds healthy and active and to give you a high quality yield from your poultry business. The environment that your birds live in has considerable bearing upon their health which subsequently affects the quality of yield that you get from your poultry stock.

It is very important to give your birds adequate place to rest, breed and feed in order to get high quality poultry products from them. The birds need healthy breeding conditions for laying eggs. In the entire process from laying to the incubation to hatching, birds need proper place to rest and feed. The birds also need ample space to move around.

Cocoon designs bird enclosures that also have chicken runs for the birds to keep fit and active. This provides them with the required mobility to move around. The importance of a healthy environment for a healthy yield cannot be undermined. The birds require an enclosure which is properly sun lit and well ventilated. The bird houses and chicken coops manufactured by Cocoon are easy to maintain and sanitize. There is ample space for a dropping birds where which can easily be removed and cleaned. Thus, the structures are designed in such a way so as to allow maximum mobility for the birds and the utmost utility and convenience for the keepers. The enclosures are spacious with a proper and well devised inlet for sunlight and fresh air. The enclosures also have free open space where the birds can feed and rest. There is also enough space within the enclosure for laying the haystack and straw for the birds to sleep and rest. The open space outside can easily be cleaned. The birds even have ample space for defecating. The structures are easy to clean and sanitize. The walk in enclosures are large and can easily be cleaned by the keepers themselves.

All chicken coops are made of the best quality timber. They are durable and hard wearing structures The size of the coops facilitates the daily movements as well as the routine tasks of the birds. It is very important to give your birds a good living space so that they can keep healthy and hearty.

Cocoon has vast expertise in providing the best bird housing solutions to a number of small and large scale business. It is committed to provide each and every customer with a consistently high standard of service. Cocoon provides the best chicken coops and bird houses depending upon your specific needs and requirements. The customers can select the best and the most suited bird houses, hen houses, chicken coops or rabbit hutches for their poultry bird flock. Getting a spacious chicken coop for your birds is a truly sound investment which can help you get a better yield. Your poultry business will undoubtedly benefit a great deal from this small expenditure. For more information, visit:
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