Spam Mails

It’s not easy to determine whether information on the Internet is legitimate or correct. There is a lot of inaccurate and deceitful information on web sites, in e-mails, and even in news and newsgroups. Malicious information also exists on the web.

I’ve been getting quite a few emails lately, supposedly from eBay, with the subject eBay New Unpaid Item Message from some fake user name. These are obvious spam, because they do not even remotely look like they came from eBay and they do not contain any real information about me or my account. I then also get spam mails from other companies and mostly banks that I dont have account with. These are also obvious spam mails.

This other day, I was fiddling through my mail box and I saw an email with the headline “Activate with PayPal Mobile – You Could Be a Winner.” But there were few things that led me to believe this email to be real. Like it was sent from a human name and I already had known about this PayPal does offer this new Mobile service. So I ended up believing this mail and went ahead with opening it and click the link provided in it.

The moment I liked on the link it went on downloading an application. After the downloading it got directly saved to my C: drive. And the next time I opened my files to see some videos, all I could find in my drive was the downloaded spam file. It deleted all my stored data and the files that I had in my C: drive. And then I realized that it was a virus that I downloaded from that mail.

I had this presentation the next day, for which I had all my details and files saved in that drive, which got deleted few hours ago. Thats was very frustrating to me. I rebooted my system twice but nothing changed. I also tried running this Norton Internet Security that was in built in my system since I bought this machine but it just couldnt detect that virus.

I called my friends to enquire and instead of helping me they made a little fun over it. When I realized nothing could help me I started all the investigation on my own. Which apparently didnt take much time of mine. When I goggled my problem it showed a Web page of iYogi. I surfed into it and I found them capable to fix it. Or may be their website was pretty attractive. Anyways, I got their number from the website and called them up.

I got connected to a technician Peter, who took about an hour for taking a remote session where he downloaded this antivirus McAfee which I learnt to be more powerful than Norton. He ran that application, diagnosed the virus and removed it instantly. The best part about the whole session is that I didnt lose any of my data after the cleaning.

He asked me to avail the one year package which I agreed after seeing the dedicated and professional technicians in iYogi. I had a good experience with them. And I also learnt a lesson of not going through any random mails anymore. These could be spam!!!

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Written By: Brian Gaar
Edited By: Kdin Jenzen
Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins and Gus Sorola

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