Spectacular Indonesian flora and fauna

The most eye-catching wildlife seen on the planet is offered in Indonesia. This country has been blessed with all the notable beauties of Mother Nature. This can be attributed to the geological advantages of the area and the extremely providential position in the continent of Asia. You will find some of the rare herbal species and diverse animals in Indonesia. In Java Island and Bali Island, you will be sure impressed by the rich terraces of rice, and this goes all the way to the wild jungles of Sumatra, Sulawesi and Borneo. Exploring these areas is a lifetime experience for every tourist who is pleased with looking at all the wonderful gifts of Mother Nature. As you continue with your exploration, you will come across the snowy mountain peaks of West Papua, and the savannah grasslands of Nusa Tenggara, and these will leave you yarning for more, as you get a new feeling like you are not in this world at all.

Even as you get carried away by the amazing flora of this amazing country, the fauna is bound to offer you interesting animals that you may not have come across previously. Indonesia is home to exceptional animals that include orang-utans, the prehistoric Komodo lizard, the Javanese rhino, buffaloes, and birds that have superb feathers like the paradise bird or cockatoos. As you observe the flora and fauna of Indonesia, you should always have the Wallace Line in mind. The line cuts across the Bali Island and Lombok, going all the way to the north between Sulawesi and Borneo, and it is the line that divides the vegetation and the wildlife based on types. You will find that the vegetation and wildlife that is found on the western side of the Wallace line belong to Asian species, while the vegetation and wildlife found on the southern side of the Wallace line belongs to Australian species. Other vegetation that is found in diverse areas of Indonesia differs as per the rainfall, altitude, and so on.

You will find that some parts of Indonesia are more humid than others, and have forests that are quite rich in unusual fruit trees and timber. Some of these islands are Sumatra, Borneo and Papua. There are numerous national parks that have been set aside in order to preserve Indonesia’s flora and fauna. You will find that a total of 44 national parks have been set aside to protect the endangered species , as well as offering remarkable ecotourism opportunities. Entering some of these parks requires a guide, but some of them may be explored without one. All in all, having someone who is familiar with the area is quite good for a visitor who is new to this place. Visit Jakarta Indonesia today, where the beauty of nature is provided without any reservations.
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The Chedi Club featuring amazing private villas in Ubud :

Our fantastic stay in the luxury villa in the Chedi Club Ubud continues. We went to the Monkey Forrest which was fantastic and got to experience a traditional fire dance performed by the villagers from Ubud. Sadly though in this vlog our Bali 2017 adventure is slowly starting to come to an end. We look forward to continue travel vlogs from new and exciting destinations as travel vloggers.

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