Spend a magnificent day in a safari park

A country with lots of beautiful places

Spain is a European country that has many attractions; the safari park in Alicante is just one of the most modern ones. Rio Safari Park is situated a few miles from Santa Pola and the road is very accessible for everyone. Here you can find various restaurants, swimming pools, some play areas and camel rides. Fun is guaranteed and it is impossible to get bored.

Organizational stuff

While in Alicante, it would be better to be careful with the sun as it shines strongly in this area. In order to protect your face and body, wear a cap and use a lot of sun cream with a high degree of protection against the harmful sun. Your clothes are also very important; try to dress yourself appropriately for the temperatures. It may be a long day, so you need to be as fresh as possible.

Close to the animals

This safari park has plenty of visitors annually. The park gives you the freedom to do many things; for example, you can take pictures of the animals and actually feed them. Fill your pockets with peanuts and carrots and the animals will come to you for food. When you visit this park which is very close to Elche, you can admire a huge number of animals of various species. Besides the most common ones such as rabbits, bears, wolves, foxes and lions, you can also see llamas, elephants, camels, tigers, jaguars and different species of monkeys. Parrots are also to be found here and they seem to be the main attraction of the park as most of the tourists take pictures of them, feed them and also talk to them. To all these add some species of reptiles, crocodiles and fish and be sure that your day will become amazing and unique at the same time. The animals are taken care of in the best way possible; they all seem to enjoy the partial freedom here. They are always in the mood for playing and running, so you have the impression that you are right next to them in the jungle. Do not miss the safari train as it leads you to every corner of the park; it is cheap, so do not worry about the cost.

Alicante and its Rio Safari Park will give you a memorable day. After finishing your little trip, go and have a good meal at Mac Donald’s in Santa Pola and talk about the nicest moments of the day that has just finished.