Sportswear New Fiber: High Fiber Moisture

Modern sportswear as the development of competitive sports, the popularity of public health in the fabric, style and color on innovation and development continuously. Fabric development from the point of view, from a natural fiber fabric to the chemical fiber fabrics, mixed fabrics and then to continuously develop human body to produce the greatest comfort, the smallest sense of fatigue and weight-bearing material. Only the maximum comfort to the human body, scientists recently has developed a variety of high moisture absorption fiber.

We know that athletes in high-speed movement of a large quantity of energy consumed, the body high heat dissipation, while a lot of perspiration in the body caused by high temperature and humidity around the limit state of the body in very uncomfortable, thus affecting the level of movement play. Thus, the requirements of the wearing apparel has high comfort. Comfort usually reflected in the absorbent, drying, heat and other specific indicators. Because there is a between clothing and skin are called “micro-climate” regions, the “microclimate” in the best condition for the temperature of 31? 33 degrees, humidity RH40%? 60%, once the up or down beyond this range, especially high-temperature, high humidity, will cause discomfort when in motion, “microclimate” relative humidity about 100%, so that the body is in extreme discomfort of the environment. To do so, the development of new high-moisture fiber to effectively improve the human’s “microclimate.” The following introduces a variety of high moisture at home and abroad at present the specific characteristics of fibers.

1. High moisture absorption and desorption polyurethane fiber: polyurethane fiber because of its good flexibility and is widely used in gymnastics, aerobics, skills, swimming, athletics and other sports apparel items. With the professional athletes on the clothing comfort requirements continue to increase, polyurethane fiber technology development capabilities extend from simple stretching to fit with the purpose of the development of high-functional fibers up. Asahi Kasei Corporation’s first high moisture absorption and desorption polyurethane fibers, characterized by large absorption and desorption speed to quickly release the steam and sweat out and maintain comfort. The moisture absorption is almost the same with cotton material level. If cotton is wet up to 50% moisture, then, that almost 100% polyurethane fiber humidifiers, and put wet fast. That is, in sports or high temperature environments fibers absorb moisture from the skin, in static or low temperatures can quickly put the wet, moisture absorption can play again. And therefore to the fiber known as “fiber to breathe.”

2. Fine denier polypropylene fibers: “wicking effect” Fine Wong unique performance fabrics, polypropylene monofilament fiber wicking effect of the more detailed, this effect is more obvious wicking breathable, and feel more soft. So Fine William I. Khan, breathable fabric, keeping the skin dry when wearing, sweat does not have any sense of cool cotton fabrics, synthetic fiber and no other feeling hot and sweaty, so as to enhance the fabric of comfort and health. If the spinning process of adding anti-UV substances or antibacterial substances, such fibers woven into the fabric, making it ideal for mountaineering, hiking and other outdoor activities sportswear.

3. Four-channel high dehumidification polyester fiber: DuPont for the production of coolmax fabric of four-channel (Tefra-Channel) polyester fiber, has excellent wicking ability, to hydrophobic synthetic fibers made of high moisture transmission will a high degree of sweat on the skin with sweat wicking fabric surface lead to evaporative cooling. Experiments show that after the moisture removal rate in 30min: 52% cotton, 4-channel polyester fiber 95%. It applies to sports apparel to keep the skin dry and comfortable and has excellent thermal cold effect.

4. Porous hollow cross-section polyester fiber WELLKEY: fiber development objective is to sweat as the object liquid to achieve complete drying perspiration. “WELLKEY” is a polyester hollow fiber, and from the fiber surface, has many link to the hollow part of the pore, liquid water can penetrate into the hollow fiber surface. This fiber body to the maximum water absorption rate and water rate target, with excellent absorbent quick-drying and dry-type unique style, more suitable for sports wear or sportswear lining.

5. Wet and dry type polyester filament guide: Golden Spinning Group guided the development of wet-dry type of polyester filament yarn, by changing the shape of fiber cross section so that the gap between single fiber increases, due to the increase of surface area and capillary effect of the moisture properties of its greatly increase. The fiber produced by the moisture performance fabric, the moisture diffusion properties of good, and materials such as cotton fiber with good moisture absorption, using reasonable organizational structure, better, sports apparel made of dry, cool, comfortable summer sports fabric of choice.

6. High-absorbing or releasing moisture nylon: Japan Toray’s QUUP mixes in a special nylon polymer and the high hygroscopicity obtained uniform mixture of polymer compatibility. This particular high-moisture environment at high temperature polymers with high equilibrium moisture content, and the fibers of this polymer with the added moisture absorption rate of increase in the rate of increase, while maintaining the original characteristics of nylon, but also to moisture absorption increased 2-fold. Therefore, the use QUUP made sportswear, inherent low humidity, hot and flu comfort index can be well improved.

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