Spy On The Mobile Phone To Detect The Signs Of A Cheater

Being Observant is the Key to Catching Them Every time…

No matter who you are or where you are in the world, statistics show that about 1 out of 2 people or 50% will be cheated on during the course of one of their relationships. Pretty scary and saddening news indeed.

However, if you have a friend in this new technological age. That friend is the phone. Yes, if you are looking for the signs of a cheater, spy on the mobile phone of your suspicious lover.

One of the most common signs of a cheater is a change in their cell phone activity. Below are the top four signs you should look for to confirm if your spouse or partner may be playing you dirty.

Spy on Mobile Phone -Signs of A Cheater #1- Sudden Cell Phone Anticipation

If you notice your other half has an increased interest in checking their phone like they are anticipating a call or text, watch out.

Spy on Mobile Phone -Signs of A Cheater #2- I Gotta Take This Call in the Other Room

Does your partner or spouse feel the sudden need to leave the room after getting a text? The likely reason is that they dont want you to see the message they got. Play dumb to this so they will let their guard down and become sloppier in their attempts to hide their potential wrong doings.

Spy on Mobile Phone -Signs of A Cheater #3- Popularity at Odd Hours

Unless they are a doctor, fireman, policeman or bail bondsman, they should not be getting phone calls at 2 or 4am. A lot of people who are fooling around will tend to keep their phone on vibrate or lights only so you will not hear it ring.

If you suspect something funny may be going on, try calling your lover from another phone, maybe your own cell and blocking the number to see what your partner may do in response.

Spy on Mobile Phone -Signs of A Cheater #4- The Mystery of the Prank Phone Call

Are you noticing an uptick of hang up calls? If you want to confirm your suspicions, tell your spouse or partner that you are sick of the mysterious hang ups and have asked the phone company to put a trace on the phone number.

Now watch for their reaction- if theres nothing going on, they wont have much of any reaction. However, if they start getting upset or act concern about having the trace done, something is definitely up

Some additional tips for you would be to review the cell phone bill for numbers you dont know or ones that are appearing at a relatively high frequency. You can also buy software to trace deleted messages or phone numbers as well.

There are also other indicators and signs of a cheater that you can hone in on. Remember, good relationships are built on trust and if you cant trust your partner, your union will not progress very far.

Good Luck and Best Wishes,

Spy on the Mobile Phone to Detect the Signs of a Cheater SABUNG AYAM