Spying On Cell Phones

You may have seen it on the news or on a web site, cell phone spying software is now available to the general public. Big brother is not the only one who can spy on you using your cell phone. It could be your spouse, employer or some one else. It may seem like magic, but it is just another technology advancement is this fast past world.

Spying on cells phones is becoming more popular day by day. It can be a great thing for some people, and a very bad thing for others. This software is being used more than anything for spouses that think their significant other is cheating on them. It is also being used by parents of unruly kids and teenagers. I may not agree this type of spying should be done, but it could help put some worried parents and spouses to rest. This could also create huge gaps in trust for parents and spouses. I would not recommend using cell phone spying software unless you are really sure your spouse is up to no good. The parents of kids should also should not use this unless your child is pretty young and not worried about privacy yet. If you have a teenager you should not use any spying software unless they have been getting into trouble and causing major problems. Teens really want their privacy, and spying on the, may push you even further out of their lives.

We are not just talking about software that will record peoples phone conversations, we are talking about software the will record every email, IM, and every button that is pushed on the cell phone. It does not matter what type of cell you have, spying software can be installed on virtually any cell phone.

I love technology and I just had to try this out. Keep in mind, the owners of the phones I installed this on were aware of the spying software being on their phones ( my wife and kids). My kids do not have smart phones, and I was still able to install this software on them in under ten minutes. My wife and I have iphones, and the installation only took about 5 minutes.

I was able to access all phone calls made and reviewed. I was also able to see all emails and internet activity on the iphones. My kids don’t have internet or emails on their phones. I was even able to see what keys were pushed and I had access to all text messages that came in or went out.

It is not illegal to track other peoples calls or text, but please use caution when using this technology on your own family members.