Step By Step Procedure In Designing A Chicken Coop

The home for the chickens is known as a chicken coop. It is also used for laying the eggs and also to safeguard them. The majority of the chicken coops are built open-air and whereas some are built inside depending upon the climatic conditions. The chicken coops are designed personally and there are windows for this that allow ventilation and moreover to drive away the smell.

A good chicken coop plan is necessary to build the best home for the chickens. There are lots of plans available through the internet and all you have to do is to choose the right one. But purchasing a readymade one costs a lot and the best way is to prepare yourself. As mentioned earlier there are lots of plans for building this, first prepare a rough sketch about the length, area and then later continue with these things which are listed below.

The primary step is to prepare a rough sketch on a piece of paper and later add colors to the walls and roof. It should be designed flawlessly and make sure that your chicken coop doesn’t disturb your neighbors. After the conclusion of this remove the dirt and trash around the coop and later on try to maintain a good look for this.

The sound check is a significant one and the materials used for the coop should be easy to clean and in addition the doors should be opened inwards and also don’t forget to install windows. Protection is also another important thing; also make sure that the chicken coop should be strong enough to defend the chickens from hazardous elements such as snow, rain and predators etc.

The doors and the windows of the coop must be fitted with mesh wires and this will prevent the predators entering the coop. The coop must be faced in the direction of the sun as it helps to dry the floor during the rains. Install windows on the south side of the coop as it helps to receive the sunlight for the whole day.

Install an electric light on the ceiling of the coop. It keeps the chickens warm and also this is a huge benefit as the chickens can lay eggs throughout the year. The lights must be installed depending up on the height of the coop and if the coop is a huge one then place the light at a height of 40 feet.

Chickens should be closer to water and food. Also maintain a clean surroundings as chickens eat almost everything. Eating everything causes damage to the health of the chickens and furthermore it spreads to the others.

There are lots of coop designs available in the internet. Make sure of learning them and try to build the exact one which suits your surroundings. But most probably try to build your own one and save a lot of money.
Sabung Ayam
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