Steps to Using Twitter Like a Pro

You have heard it on the news and all the famous stars talk about it. Twitter, I sent some tweets, need to tweet my people. What is all this about and why is it important to your business? I know a lot of people that just ignore it all together and that is fine. They just don’t get the reasons why you need to use it. Well there is many reasons why everyone should be on twitter and we will discuss those here.

First reason is that your potential clients are already there. I know that sounds cliche and all, but it is true. People do business with people they like and a good way to get in-front of those people is to get active on twitter. You need to find these people and start following them and starting conversations with them. To do this you need to do more than start a twitter account, you need to use the tools that can help your efforts and not get bogged down with all the constant floods of tweets.

A good way to do this is to use some of the tools that have sprung up since twitter has started. These include

1. Tweetdeck
2. Hootsuite
3. Tweetlater
4. Search.Twitter

With these 4 tools alone you can get in touch with and handle just about any size amount of followers. But using these tools in the right way is the key.

You use Tweetdeck to categorize all of the people you are following. It is a stand alone program that you can download and categorize all of your groups. You can make a group solely for your friends. Another group only for prospects and then another for only your competitors. Using Tweetdeck with when only following 20 people is like killing a fly with a blow torch. But once you get to about 100 people you are following it is a good idea to set up before you start to have too many people to categorize and have to do it later.

Using Hootsuite is great if you have many different twitter accounts. Maybe you have an account for your work only or you have an account that many people in your organization post to. This is a great tool for that. It is also great tracking who is clicking on your links. It won’t show the exact person but it will show you how many times your links have been clicked. You also have the ability to manage groups in Hootsuite as well.

Tweetlater should be used, but used carefully. Basically it lets you set up tweets to go out at certain times of the day. You can plan way into the future and have the posts go out automatically. This is good if you always have a seminar around the same time, or have a deal on your menu at a certain time during the day each week. It is bad if you are just putting useless information in there. Useless information is stuff like quotes, jokes or things that make you look active but really aren’t.

Search.Twitter is an excellent way to get involved in the conversations. You can do specific searches around topics that you have an interest in or problems you know the answer to. It is also a great way to search people in your area of the world. You can type something in like “I live in Orlando”. Then a list of the people that live in Orlando will show up and you can start following them.

Another thing you will want to do is to start following people that you share interests with. Once you follow them try to engage conversations. See if they start to follow you back. If they don’t then dis-follow them. It is equivalent to going to shake someones hand and them pulling away. It is just rude. However online people that aren’t savvy to social sphere don’t quite get it yet.

Another way to get more followers is to @ someone that is a big player in your niche. It will make it look like you have a conversation going on with them and people will be more likely to see what you are all about. Then in turn they will be more likely to follow you.

Last tip to get use twitter more effectively is to USE YOUR REAL NAME. Corporations have it all wrong. Twitter is person to person. People follow humans not corporations. Plus twitter and the whole web world is all about being transparent to the world. And if you are hiding behind some name like GFT Man, then people will not take you seriously.