Stopping a Slice – With a Big X

It is a cross, not a kiss, which can stop a slice with a big X.


Fed up with your ball slicing right!

Yes, ok, let’s give it the X treatment. How to stop a slice, with an X. Picture a thick black line on the inside of your left forearm, from the centre of your palm through the centre of your forearm. Ok, now picture a thick black line on the outside of your right arm, from the centre of your backhand through the centre of your forearm.


Now let’s do some practice swings, from the top of your backswing go through the impact zone. Now we want to begin seeing a cross on our arms – When the club is horizontal to the ground in the follow through, we should see a big cross on our arms.


How will this help our slice!

Simple – it puts power through the impact zone, and the rotation of the arms and hands impart draw spin on the golf ball. Ok let’s make this a little easier to take on the range. Put a mark on the inside of your left wrist, maybe a plaster or some microporus tape, and draw a cross on it. Now do the same with the back of your right wrist.


Do some nice easy swings letting your arms rotate right over through the impact zone. When your club is parallel to the ground in your follow through you should see both X’s.


How to stop a slice – in the start of our downswing we move our hips to the left, this will begin shifting our weight over to the left side, also we need to pull our hands straight down, just for a count of 1, as if pulling a chain hanging down from the sky.


This allows us to get the clubhead attacking from the inside and coupled with our power move, the X treatment, this will add draw spin to the ball, giving us a nice right to left ball flight and take the slice right out of our game.


I hope you enjoyed “How to stop a slice” with an X.