Stormy Abrasives Industry To “the Crisis In The Look For An Opportunity” – Abrasives,

Recent Financial Crisis, the worst news a decrease, whether abroad, many people began to believe that the domestic economy has a “hard landing”, closures have been in the past. From “4000000000000” began a series of policies issued combination they provide a lot of confidence. Although the future seems to still rough road, but the stormy sea calls forth the hero. Obstacles in 2009, for the strong survive “winter” enterprises, to seize the policy of turning a crisis emerge? 2009 Abrasive Abrasives Industry to “crises look for an opportunity?”

According to experts, the first view from the agricultural field just after the Lunar New Year, the State preferential agricultural policies on the strike out, release “of the Central State Council in 2009 to promote stable development of agriculture and farmers continued to increase number of Opinion” and focused agricultural development and increasing peasant income, can be said that the party Central Committee and State Council sent 900 million farmers warm and heavy gift, more committed to a number of rural infrastructure, agricultural equipment manufacturing industry to develop a new consumer market. The “Opinions” Since reform and opening files, the first 11 months of “Agriculture” as the central theme of Document No. 1, for the first time for 6 was released on the “three rural” Document No. 1. The document is divided into five parts, focused agricultural development and promotion of farmer income, and other vocational schools are exempt students from poor rural families tuition and other agriculture-related good news for students, from the “opinions” can be seen to support the national priorities of agriculture in 2009 determination, and through the rural market by the central policy support to agriculture review, a series of activities to bring new opportunities for other industries?? ” Home Appliances The countryside “,” car to the countryside “, etc.. On the purchase of washing machines, mobile phones, color TV refrigerator and other basic household appliances farmers for 13% of the price subsidies. The Government hopes the level of rural household appliances have to catch up with urban families, which the country achieved urban and rural “balanced development”, as part of a long-term national plan.

In addition, for the automotive industry from March 1, 2009 to December 31, the state will arrange five billion yuan on farmers abandoned three cars, light trucks low speed vehicle for redemption, and the purchase of 1.3 liters less displacement Minibus give a one-time financial subsidies. The resulting rural consumer market, and related hardware accessories market activity, worth the wait. But need to think of these preferential agricultural policies have not prepared your business? “Haier” that farmers had to create “washing machine can wash potatoes” and widely acclaimed, it was so thoughtful, the “Haier” and the “home appliances to the countryside,” winning in the 15 product licenses. Large agricultural country, agricultural modernization in recent years as the follow-up, agriculture Machinery There has been new development in rural markets need more machinery and equipment.

These policies may bring good abrasives industry, experts believe that the following aspects: production Tool Input to a stimulus on the metallurgical industry, steel industry can take to digest inventory, and production of refractory materials attached to the steel factory, also can be good; as the financial crisis, migrant workers, “return” of agriculture this year there will be more development, planting, cultivation, harvesting, grain and other agricultural produce to carry out screening, will also have the appropriate tools of production consumption and abrasives industry, many enterprises, not the accumulation of downstream customers to produce these tools, but also whether they create for products? With the benefit of agricultural policy in depth, the rural infrastructure project will further develop, civil construction will bring greater market supporting hardware, hardware, household appliances household appliances industry can learn from the countryside to develop new consumer market. According to characteristics of the hardware industry to develop new markets, such as rural infrastructure will certainly increase Architectural Hardware Use, bound to increase demand for building hardware. The face of stimulating domestic demand-related policy, hardware companies should establish new spending. To look up 23 special three cities, and even rural areas, not a city rest on our laurels. 23 cities in operation to the main channel, brand, giving the heart the city without giving up a model.

Steel. State Council executive meeting on January 14 considered and approved in principle the steel industry restructuring and rejuvenation program. To speed up the country adjust the revitalization of the steel industry must be to control the total elimination of backwardness, the joint reorganization, transformation, optimization of layout for the focus to promote the steel industry, from big to strong. Phenolic resin, according to national experts, which means that the industry needs high cost of weak double dilemma, the state steel industry in 2009 will enter an era of big acquisitions. Although the steel industry can not change the current revitalization plan, take down the steel industry is facing both inside and outside the state, but through the elimination of backward production capacity, a series of merger integration initiatives can ease the economic cyclical adjustment pressures brought down. Intent to secure national key enterprises significant, long steel products, timber class to benefit from investment in capacity pull-out. The refractory industry will drive the stock to digest, for the production of such products have abrasive manufacturers, have a good news. SABUNG AYAM