Straight Razors Using Tips

Some straight razor shavers like to use some hair conditioner or a pre-shaving product during a shower to help ex-foliate the skin and soften the beard prior to shaving.
Once you have showered, run hot water into your bathroom sink and strop your razor, have a face towel or two to hand to clean up any spills during your shave, and remember to take your time during the first few months of shaving so that you can observe your technique and improve them during each future shave.
Shaving creams and soaps are vitally important to getting a good quality shave with a straight razor. Do not under any circumstances use a conventional shaving foam or gel that you would regularly use with a disposable or safety razor. These provide little to no skin protection when using a straight razor, and will make an even greater mess during and after the shave.
The shaving cream is designed to provide the skin with nourishment and act as a barrier between the straight razors edge and the skin/You will be surprised at how differently various shaving creams perform, smell, and have an effect on the skins appearance and feel when you have finished shaving.
As you progress with straight razor shaving, you will identify what shaving creams and soaps suit you best.
With your shaving brush to hand, soak the brush in hot water (not boiling), and gently shake out the excess water in the sink. Then add a spot of shaving cream to the brush, slightly smaller than a small marble, wet the face, and then slowly start scrubbing your face with the brush, applying a moderate amount of pressure using a circular motion in both directions until the face and neck area have a fairly consistent coating of shaving cream.
Refrain from adding too much water to the brush or face as you are lathering up, you can always add a spot more to encourage lathering if your brush is well-loaded with shaving cream. You will know if this is the case or not as the cream will feel thick as the brush is moved across the face.
Experiment with adding tiny amounts of water to the face once shaving cream has been applied until it feels right. Too much water will make the cream run thin, and not provide an effective barrier for your skin, and this will almost certainly lead to skin irritation. You can always add a touch more shaving cream to your brush and start over if this is the case.