Stylish Small Bouique Hotels

Authentic places to stay spanning three continents.

THE PURE DESTINATION were the homes of the owners from the Netherlands and Alberto Cortes from Spain . It now has fast become a small boutique collection with a route that covers IBIZA, MARRAKECH and BALI.

The three resorts; HARISSA , RYAD DYOR and THE PURIST are located at exclusive, hip and authentic spots in the world. Spots which have always been known for its special atmosphere and cosmopolitan mix of people.The route that goes to these places has been traveled since the sixties bypeople searching for love piece and harmony. Today these places are still the perfect getaways for those who want to experience the culture and spirituality, enjoy the nature and its healing forms and explore the thriving nightlife and real taste.

The latest gem in the collection is THE PURIST Villas and Spa, who has opened its doors in Ubud/Bali in Mai 2009. Acknowledging that some travelers are looking for a balance between style and comfort, each villa is an oasis of tranquility with an attention to every detail. Ubud is still regarded as the cultural and spiritual heart
of Bali. Ubud is the place to be if you really want to experience traditional Balinese life. From the minute you arrive, you feel the pace of life slow down around you, allowing you to truly relax and unwind.

The Purist Villas and Spa is a small Boutique hotel resort,where each suite of two and three rooms has an indoor and outdoor bathroom with a free standing stone bath and separate shower, Some of them have wooden sundecks hanging over the lush tropical gardens of bamboo palm trees and other special plants. These decks have an outdoor dining area and comfortable sun loungers from where one can enjoy this little paradise. Three of the villas have their own private pools with a separate Gazebo (Balinese hut) with mattresses and cushions, A pure bliss.

The suites are housed in series of seven unique and private villas fusing five-star luxury and modernity with authentic primitive and traditional elements from several islands of Indonesia. Some of the houses come from other islands such as Java and Timor These huge former huts are at the inside transformed into real designers hideaways, using pebble stone floorings and smooth cement walls, while at the outside it shows all the typical woodcarvings and other features used in some island. Four villas have a more minimal style with Balinese artifacts, white limestone floorings and with some walls made of recycled wood. This ÒBali livingÓ complex is nothing less than sheer indulgence.

The complex has a general pool of beige lime stone tiles with a size of 16 x 5 meter and with an overflow to the river deep below. There is a big sun deck around the pool for those who would like to let the outside world magically disappear, and a pool cafŽ where the staff will be happy to make you a MojitoÓ cocktail

Deep in the heart of tropical Bali, The Purist provide an intimate, luxurious and pampering escape. Each suite is organically designed and developed with respect to the surrounding environment. The whole resort is
lovingly crafted over two and a half year. Joost van Grieken, a well known Dutch architect who lives and works in Bali for over 16 years designed most of the project and the landscaping, while Yvonne Hulst and Albeto Cortes, interior architect and fashion designer, gave the Purist its authentic feel. They have been traveling to several Islands to collect special objects, which are giving this innovative and personal atmosphere to the suites.

An antique Yoklo, this is a Javanese loft- style hut, with a wood-carved ceiling, houses the restaurant, which is used in the evening for dining. During the day this space, surrounded by yellow bamboo, is used as a comfortable lounge with sofas, where you can read books about the culture, architecture and history of Bali and other Islands. The Desk Manager can help you here to arrange day trips or trips to other island. Some secret tips discovered by the owners, will make your holiday unique.

The Purist chef is serving a daily changing menu based on Home Cooking. He presents what its name embodies; Good old fashioned home- style cooking Every morning he goes to the organic market in Ubud to see what there, as to decide what he will create with the fresh greens fruits and herbs the fresh fish and the free range chicken. He will love to serve you the real Balinese kitchen and some spicy vegetarian dishes from all over the world.For those interested in cooking, you can join him on his scroll over the market.

The Spa and Yoklo building is made in a modern bamboo style,with walls of lime stone carvings from a local artist. Designed for optimal comfort and aesthetic appeal, this spa building features a double treatment room and a stone bath for several types of masks and scrubs. The high quality organic products used for the various treatments are made on the island.

Your personal comfort is the highest priority- from the best quality 35 cm thick king-sized mattresses and fine cotton sheets to Moroccan Hammam towels and pure body products, maids and a 24-hour butler service mean
you need never lift a finger throughout your stay.

Put simply,you never want to leave…
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