Stylish Teen Hairstyles – Top Experts Opinions on Best Trendy Long Hair & Short Hairstyles

Today’s modern teenager in comparison to my time as a teen has changed greatly. Girls today regardless of expense somehow manage to keep themselves in prime condition, their hair styled with an up-to-date trendy hair style and wear clothes of latest design. I often think back to the fibs I was told about my navy blue school knickers and white vest being all the rage which I wore till I was 16…and as for stylish trendy hairstyles, ‘what were they,’ we never knew the meaning of the word trendy in our household. The nearest thing I got to trendy was the cheap piece of ribbon that secured my pigtail.

In my day “modern” was the word we used as opposed to “stylish.” Looking back I believe I had a lucky escape from having a beehive hairdo which was a modern style back then. Amy Winehouse has since reincarnated the style and I’m not sure how I feel about this. I think the indecisiveness about the beehive stems back to the scary moments that the “full” can of hair lacquer used to keep the bouffant in place caused – which attracted more wasps than you could imagine. The beehive didn’t stand quite so tall after all the ducking and swatting done leaving women walking the streets looking like Medusa.

Due to the cost of a new hairdo nowadays hair salon visits are getting less by the minute because girls are creating their own stylish teen hairstyles at home while others make a living from their hairdressing skills.

Caring for hair is time consuming which many girls blatantly did admit to not having due to their active lifestyles which requires them to busy themselves elsewhere. If you’re an energetic person and shower frequently then a short hair cut is best for you, it’s a lot less time consuming to maintain unlike long hair which can take up hours of your time to manage and style.

No matter how beautiful a hair style may appear in a magazine, or look on someone else it will never look beautiful on you if it’s not ideally suited to the shape of your face. It’s essential when choosing a hairstyle to get this part right (shape). You can easily influence the hair to emphasize or play down features.

If the shape of your face is round there are hairstyles that add length to the face making it less circular looking. Wear hair high on the head instead of flat. If you wear a parting down the middle, then don’t. Style the parting to sit at one side.

Looking for the best haircut for a round face then first hear what the experts have to say.

“Hair boutique” recommends a layered cut rather than straight or heavy bangs. For those with a double chin, the style should be kept above chin level. This draws the focus upward.

“Lovetoknow” propose a long style. The added length gives a round face a longer appearance, especially with a middle part drawing attention to the length of the face

“SheKnows” says wear curls around the crown to add height and give your face a longer look. At the same time, they warn not to wear curls near the cheeks, but instead to wear hair short at the sides with curly styles

“TotalBeauty” says that among styles for round faces, shoulder-length hair or longer is one of the best lengths. When getting your hair styled ask for blended ends to remove bulk which draws attention to roundness.

“The Visual Makeover” suggests a short style with height at the crown and an off-center part. Hair should be worn in a swept-back style cut to chin length or shorter.

“WNetwork’s” say chin-length cuts (or longer) that have angles as best for round faces because they offset the roundness.

“Latest Hairstyles” recommended styles for round faces is to wear the hair in a medium length with shorter layers used to frame the face

I suggest you speak with your hairstylist in person, and try on wigs/hairpieces etc to help you decide because some of what the experts say seems to show some contradiction.

The short bob, angled bob, or curly bob, are fabulous styles which work for the round face.

If the face is long then usually the forehead, cheek bones and jaw often equal in width making choosing a style tricky. Soft hair styles flatter a long face best. Don’t wear a middle parting and avoid straight shoulder length hair.

We’ve noticed girls with a square shaped face who come looking for a stylish teen hairstyle are the biggest worriers over shape. Stop fretting because nothings impossible for some hair stylists who excel in creating new images for all face shapes. Hairstyles for the angular shape face should be gentle to soften the outline. Shoulder length hair, flicking at the ends or straight, is flattering and appealing. Short styles flicking away from the face at ear-level also have the same affect. Hair swept to one side or with a diagonal fringe is strikingly pretty, making you strikingly gorgeous.

As each year passes new fashion trends and stylish teen hairstyles change, what doesn’t change is, face shape, and neither should your style if it doesn’t suit your face shape.

What are the most popular teen hairstyles? Most popular are them you see worn the most by many. But do you want to be another one of the many? You need your own style to be original. Look through hair magazines for ideas, and watch out for famous celebrities who always sport the latest trendy hairstyle. Teen hairstyles change as often as the weather so train to become a hair dresser and do your own hair so you can have every new chic hair style when trend changes at a fraction of the cost of getting your hair styled in a salon. More details about hairdressing below.

Styling short hair is not difficult, in fact quite simple if your hair has been cut by an expert. And you don’t need every product available for styling such as hairspray, mousse, volumizer, styling gel, paste, putty, pomade, finishing gloss, and frizz and curl control products. You only use what you need at the time that will help you achieve the style you want.

Women with straight hair wish for curls, while those with curls wish for straight hair. Home perms are effective and instructions come fully detailed but should something go wrong it gets scary so consider a professional to do the perm to stay safe. Fine, straight hair often benefits from being colored, which adds texture and fullness to each strand of hair. Perming coarse or thick straight hair can be complicated. This hair type might require extra time and additional perming rods in order for the final look to fall into place. Simple, geometric haircuts are good for straight hair of any texture.

Perming straight thick hair frequently causes problems. It’s usually resistant to perms and can leave you out of pocket having to re-perm till it takes “that’s if it takes.” Use deep, heat-activated hair conditioner to help repair breakage and split ends Wavy hair is deemed most desirable. It is flexible in movement that can be augmented with hairstyling products to create various effects. Adding hair highlights or hair low lights using hair color or glossy-enhancing products can increase the appearance of wavy hair’s soft flowing wrinkle.
Don’t take on a stylish teen hairstyle because everyone one else has. Unique means doing something different. Too many people with the same style tend to leave you in the crowd… instead of stand out in it.