Success of the E-Commerce


The human resources are the vital asset in ensuring the success of the ecommerce. In this regard, adequate attention should be paid in achieving an efficient ecommerce team. Perhaps, the introduction of virtual work groups would really be very important in realizing the goal of meeting customers’ needs. This would be done by creating a special network of employees at various places so as to ensure the coherence of production activities from one point to another. Basically, this would enhance the uniformity of production and uplifting of worker standards by having all workers act as a group despite being at various geographical places. By so doing, the strategy of improving production standards to meet customers’ standards would be made, so as to ensure better performance of the company (Benford, 1993).

Further, virtual work group creation would enhance the realization of the customer satisfaction objectives as there would be continuous exchange of information among the workers. More specifically, despite being at different places, virtual work group members would be actively sharing information among themselves on how certain processes should be improved, so as to ensure their efficiency in meeting the company’s customers’ needs (Olson et al, 2000).

Further, the creation of special online work groups would enhance the organization’s flexibility as need arises. More specifically, if an area is found to be less productive, then it would be better for the organization to channel its services to the more productive ones. In this case, the distribution of organization’s workers at various regions would help in assessing the productivity of each region; which would further form the basis for re-allocation of various resources aimed at increasing the organization’s productivity through meeting the customers’ needs (Ackerman, 2001).

By having the work groups operate at various places, there would be the spread of risk in which, the failure of one region would not lead to the collapsing of the entire organization. Further, the customers of the organization are expected to purchase more if the organization’s commodities are intensively advertised over the internet so as to create a wider network of clients. This would ensure a better performance of the organization as there would be higher sales due to increased number of customers. It is important to note that, despite of initial costs of establishing a special network of workers by expanding the organization in various regions, its long-term benefits are very high. For instance, there would be expanded customers’ network which would further increase the productivity of the organization (Mark et al, 2000).

Further, the expansion of the organization by having workers distribution to various branches would enhance the learning of the organization’s competitors’ strategies; which would then form a basis for plans of action. Particularly, the creation of special network for employees would ensure a constant and continuous flow of information from all branches resulting into a

better a more reliable teamwork. In this regard therefore, the creation of virtual work groups would be efficient in ensuring the satisfaction of the organization’s clients as there would be more and closer interactive relationship between the organization and its clients (Coleman & Antila, 2004).

As it has been observed, the creation of special workers’ networks in the organization would enhance the satisfaction of the company’s clients to a great extent. More specifically, there would be a closer and interactive relationship among the employees, through online transactions, and the company’s clients. More so, the formation of virtual workers would enhance the spread of risk by the company as well as capturing a wider variety of clients from various points.


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