Successful Chicken Coop Designs

Before you start the construction of your chicken coop project, it is vital to remember that planning beforehand is essential for your success.

It will save you hours of extra work and plenty of money because you will have planned what you want with absolute precision. You will be fully aware of how you want you coop to be, the number of chickens you plan to house in that coop as well as the kind of chicken you want to raise. Remember that the main purpose of this coop is to provide the chicken with a comfortable place to live, so do not try to reduce costs by using cheaper material.

A well-constructed, properly planned coop is the key to raising healthy chickens. Here are some guidelines you should follow for the construction.

Avoid overcrowding the coop. each chicken needs around 3-4 sq feet. Make sure that the chickens have ample room outside the coop. 8-10 sq feet would be enough. There should be a place for you to enter the coop as well, for egg collection and regular cleaning. The coop should be tall enough for you to enter.

Take care that predators cannot get in.

Keeping in mind these practical matters, you are free to build the coop however you want. Ensure that the materials you are using will last long, keeping into account the climate of your area. Though wire mesh is an option for those who live in warmer climates, a cooler climate requires solid walls and even insulation to keep the chickens warm.

You can also consider constructing the coop elevated from the ground. This will not only keep water from flooding the coop, but it will also keep out weasels and snakes. To enable your chickens to enter the coop with ease, you can add a ramp that leads up to it.

Now that everything has been planned properly, you can start with the construction process.

Remember to avoid trying to cut down on costs with poorer quality materials, because using better quality materials will ensure that the coop is sturdy and that will be able to withstand the weather as well as predators. It is alright to re-use what other people have discarded. You can find cheap but good quality construction materials from local recycling centers. If the chicken coop design has been properly planned, construction can be a lot of fun as well as being easy
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