Successful Stories of eBay Millionaires

The eBay is considered as the culture phenomenon that breaks the rule of “buying when seeing” rule in people personal purchasing habit. It creates new market, thousand jobs, and inspires personal business.


Although hundreds of new auction websites come up everyday, eBay remains the favorite of many sellers. In fact, there’s a lot of people earning their living on eBay.


However, because of many junk websites, people become more cautious or lose faith and interest on e-business. It can be seen that earning some money for living is possible with eBay, but selling things and becoming a millionaire is not an easy game. Below are stories of sellers who aware the tactics to survive on eBay and also know how to achieve the success.


Chris & Lisa Rush

eBay User ID: hifisoundconnection

Annual Sales: $ 8 million

Products and Service: Audio and stereo equipment for use at home and in motor vehicles


Secret to Success: With targeted customers at the age of from 15- to 25 years old, we have to be fast and make immediate actions because they are very impatient. When they click and make instant purchase, they will not want to wait. Therefore, we make sure to provide good service at a wink.


Tiffany Tanaka

eBay User ID: wesellthings4u

Annual Sales: $ 2.7 million

Products and Service: Consignment sale with a variety of products


Secret to Success: When she discovered that many people wanted to sell on eBay but not on their own, she started her consignment sale service for customers, especially older people who are not good at selling things online, or young people who want to save time. Understanding the market will bring entrepreneurs success.


Amy Mayer & Ellen Navarro

eBay User ID: expressdropchicago

Annual Sales: More than $ 1.4 million

Products and Service: Consignment sale for individual and high-end retailers


Secret to Success: Do not wait for clients to come to you, you should go and find the new and potential clients. We see every single entity as a client, even an old woman or a big entrepreneur.


Dan Glasure

eBay User ID: dans.train.depot

Annual Sales: $ 2.5 million

Products and Service: Model trains and train accessories


Secret to Success: Trying to get better, willing to learn new things and giving the best service are the secrets of Dan Glasure. He loves train models, has knowledge and passion, so he can do the business with all passion. Dan believes the tips for the success are uniqueness and confidence with the products you are selling.


David Wirtenberg

eBay User ID: outrageousauctions

Annual Sales: $ 8 million to $ 10 million

Products and Service: Engagement rings, wedding bands and jewelry


Secret to Success: His diamond auctions start at 99 cent, so sometimes he gains, sometimes he loses. However, he always makes customers happy, come back and demand more.


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