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Analysis means or candy, Beverages , Cookies and other cost pressures
International White Granulated sugar And raw sugar prices, the recent approach of the last century had a record high of 80 records.

Reason: sharply cut production of raw sugar broke news of India, or a substantial outsourcing of sugar; 2008/2009 crop season in China, India cuts with cuts of 16% sugar, but also to domestic Sugar Strength.

White sugar and raw sugar international prices, both in the 3rd century to create or approaching the record high of 80, because India broke sharply cut message, or a substantial outsourcing of sugar.

International: India and Brazil set off sugar
This week, the London sugar market LIFFE white sugar futures price in October broke in July 1983 when the record, reaching 505.9 U.S. dollars per ton. On the same day in New York raw sugar price of 3-year high of 19.3 cents per pound in 2010, the contract price as high as 20.44 cents, this is a new high of 28 years.

Reason 3, said the Indian government officials, India’s largest sugar cane producing states because of the drought area has shrunk by 14.3%, far higher than expected. Morgan Stanley report said that “India is too dry, too wet in Brazil” will result in 2008/2009 with the global problem of 9 million tons of sugar gap.

“Of international powers is the first sugar in Brazil, annual output of 36 million tons. Followed by India, generally produce 28 million tons, but only 16 million tons last year.” Agricultural consulting firm Beijing Oriental Iger high analyst Wang told our reporter yesterday, India itself is a sugar-consuming country, it’s cut will lead to import from other sugar-producing countries led to rising global sugar prices.

Domestic: cut sugar prices also rose after Wang
high figures provided by China last year imported 95,000 tons of raw sugar from India, accounting for 18% of China’s raw sugar imports. India imported 60,000 tons from white sugar, accounting for 25%. China’s sugar output is expected this year as 12.4 million tons, consumption of 13 million tons, imports will be slightly higher than last year.

Yesterday, more than just sugar stocks recorded more than 5% of the gains, a strong sugar futures Cheng, sugar morning main contract was up 154 yuan 1005 / ton to 4,491 yuan / ton. “The trend depends on our domestic sugar supply and demand, China’s exports less sugar, but if we hypoglycemia, also a great influence on the international price of sugar.” Wang said high.

According to the Ministry of Industry and the number affected by the weather in May this year, China’s sugar production before the 9.7 million tons, down 12.9%. According to statistics, in mid-June, the end of the 2008/2009 crop season total sugar production of 12.43 million tons of sugar production, from the previous crop season cut 2.38 million tons, down 16%.

“Domestic price of sugar is ‘return’.” Wang said high, Nanning, Guangxi sugar spot price 3800 yuan / ton, while the low last year, when only 2,700 yuan / ton.

Food enterprises should approach: Signed short-term fluctuations
about anti- Rise in sugar prices higher on the lower reaches of the food business with sugar hit. High Wang said the most affected, including candy, beverages, biscuits, Dairy products And cakes.

“If the high price of sugar supply, we have to face cost pressures.” Candy and sugar point of the news business spokesman Sun Tianzhen Hsu Fu Chi, said yesterday that the basic use of domestic sugar companies, the current supply is still adequate.

Sun Tianzhen that into the second half as demand for bulk materials are slowly improving Prices But also more difficult now signed with the supplier contracts longer than 6 months. SABUNG AYAM