Sugardaddy Dating Advice: 5 Ways To Make Her Want You

Sometimes, when men pursue women it can get challenging. This is true especially if you are not the only one who is pursuing her. Women love getting chased, and it’s always the survival of the fittest when it comes to it. But here are some tips on how you can win her attention and her heart.

1. Do the moves. Dance. It gives off that good energy and vibe. Often times when men dance, only three things happen: the good, the bad and the ugly. Whatever style you may have, you can give it a go even if you are off beat. Women try to gauge men on the dance floor; when you dance, show some personality along with your moves. It’s easy to see who is confident and who is shy on the dance floor. Whether you are a good dancer or a terrible one; those who dance symmetrically are considered to be more attractive to women. Make sure that your moves are even the next time you go out dancing.

2. Show them what you got. Well, the reality is that women are attracted to money, power and success; no matter how much they dent it. If you want your woman to notice you, you’ve got to show your status. Women are biologically wired, they can easily pick up on signals which suggests that you have valuable possessions. If you don’t have money, fame or success; just act like you do. Never ever put yourself down in front of a girl, it’s embarrassing. Be confident and not cocky. Impress her, be a gentleman; dress well, smell good. You have to be sure of yourself to win the status game.

3. Keep your eyes on her. Women want attention, they like being noticed. People have their own issued and things that they get insecure about. When out on a date with your special girl, make sure you keep your eyes on her. If a smoldering hot chick passes you by, don’t ogle or stare, not even a second; your date will notice it. Show her that you are serious and you only have eyes set on her. She’ll be able to pick up on this and you’ll be moved on higher in her list.

4. Laughter is the best medicine. Women like guys who can make them laugh. Even the not-so-attractive ones end up with a gorgeous girl if they can throw in a few jokes. Women love funny guys since they consider them more honest and intelligent than those who are too serious. If you don’t find yourself funny then don’t try too hard or you’d sound rather pathetic. Try to think of real funny things that has happened to you or on a show you just watched that’s worth laughing. Talk about these things instead of your corny knock-knock jokes.

5. Alone time. People don’t like people who aren’t confident and don’t like themselves. That’s the truth, confidence is the biggest turn on for women. If you don’t have enough confidence to pursue her, then creating a relationship would be more of a hassle for you. It’s really important and some guys just don’t get it. If you get rejected more, the lower your confidence gets. That’s why you have to build your confidence more and more each day. Do something that makes you feel great about yourself no matter what happens.

Remember these tips gentlemen. When you are in the dating scene and want to woo the woman of your dreams, make sure that you follow these tips.
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