Sun Ambiguous Attitude Of The People To Respond To Rumors Suning And Dazhong Contacts – Sun Weimin,

Held yesterday, made national news video
Council, said the acquisition of industry rumors Suning was purely “nonsense”
States United States
Electric, Paradise previously announced, “have combined to create the conditions Suning”, “Su Ning and the National US-merger hit up” the comments, is to use information in Suning investors, employees, suppliers in the form of psychological challenge to achieve in the capital market Suning pressure.

For Suning’s
State, state U.S. selling for Director of Ho Yang Qing said: “to the merger of the merger can not be combined only competition, the combined total must follow both resources and principles, before the country the United States to merge Suning to say, but the media exaggerated it, on this issue do not want to pay more to explain. “

8 1st, chairman of Gome
Huang Guangyu
And Paradise chairman Chen Xiao told the joint press interview, shown on the rival Suning quite tough, not only that the merger is the trend, even if “should be merged to create the conditions,” Su Ning, Huang Guangyu also promise to be “hit and Suning States United States until the merger, “and refers to the stock market artificially high Suning.

Suning CEO Sun Weimin has said: “We had to stay out, but on July 31 to August 2 the situation a few days, rumors have not subsided much potential.”

Yesterday, Huang Guangyu in Sina
Users to accept an interview for the United States acquired the country, said Su Ning of the rumors only, “We explore, in explore, not to that extent, there is no clear views.” Sina asked when the State Financial acquisition by the United States may take time, Huang Guangyu basically negates the possibility of acquisition of Suning.

Sun Weimin said the country U.S. comments on its acquisition Suning, Suning to investors, employees, customers, suppliers Suning have had a question, “Su Ning’s brand reputation on the cause of the considerable impact.” State practice and that violation of the United States
Suning will use legal means to protect their interests.

Sun Weimin said Suning now conscious for the next “five-year plan” in the target volume was increased and speed required to promote accelerated, Suning will be completed in 6-9 months, the development of the national chain of 100 plan, the new shop is expected to break the year 200, in particular, will strengthen Beijing, Shanghai and other key areas of intensive shop offensive, and through large-scale transformation, the new rent, purchase, self, etc. focus on building a number of the fourth generation of 3C + flagship store. In addition, Suning procurement headquarters, investment Headquarters
Headquarters and management headquarters functions 4 headquarters, as well as North China, East China Area, East Second District and other 8 the formation of regional management headquarters will be fully forward and fully completed next year.
East Second District
Suning Appliance CEO, said Ling Guosheng, Suning in the second half has decided to speed the development of Shanghai. According to the plan, by the end of Suning stores in Shanghai will reach 50 total, accounting for 30 of the Shanghai market share. This means that Suning in Shanghai to open the second half of nearly 20 stores, and Suning in the first half only nine new stores opened.

In addition, Sun also to the ambiguous attitude of the people responded to Suning and Dazhong contacts are rumors. SABUNG AYAM