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Over the past 51 Golden Week, heavyweights are all surface with a happy expression, according to Beijing Suning statistics, three-day holiday sales achieved 200% year on year growth, especially in pushing the big efforts Suning caused the market to buy gifts uproar. In order to meet continued high consumer shopping enthusiasm, Suning announced to release “value” will 51 special offers extended to May 9.

Small explosion Suning 51 wonderful holiday inventory
Deputy General Manager of Historical Materialism
Suning said, whether consumers or businesses understand that the market price is always the most direct and most powerful weapon, therefore, are indispensable for every one business price war on the Rush. May 1 Golden Week, Suning from the price,
, Carried out three offensive gifts, and strong vendor partnerships make the price of Suning Appliance, sit back and relax supply side, professional service brand also makes self-superiority manifest. After three days of fighting, three-day Beijing Suning
Significant increase compared to last year as much as 200%, especially air conditioning, color TV as the two key growth category, reaching total sales accounted for 50%, winning 51 to become a key weapon. View from the air conditioner category, on the one hand because sharp rises in temperature strongly stimulated consumer demand rigid; other hand, the Su Ning launched the “1000 offers full 200, does not cap” and “full capacity bonus LCD” campaign, led many consumers in such a large force of the blows without hesitation before the discount. Therefore, the objective needs and Suning greatly stimulated by none other double, air-conditioning and air-conditioning cooling fan and other related products sales has exploded in growth.

The same time, the increase due to the holiday short-haul passengers,
Communications products as home appliances sales during the holiday hot spot to another. Historical Materialism is that the holiday period,
, Digital cameras, camera sales is about three to four times normal weekend, selling a record high over the same period. Taking advantage of Labour Day Golden Week and the opening of Suning Chong Wen door boutiques, as Karen Mok dedication to help out, the heat respected
“Music with the” Can-class model on the 2nd line the same day sold more than 100. In addition to communications, computer products, selling, nowadays the
Purchase of life caused by heat appliances, kitchen and other home improvement products to consumers significantly increased.
to none other, “price” day extension for a week

“51” holiday has come to an end, but the appliance stores the heat still lingers, taking into account holiday travel and no time to enjoy the holiday shopping crowds can benefit, said Su Ning areas, with immediate effect, Suning millions of additional concessional resources, as 51 small tasks to complete the sale after the holiday excess returns for consumers, great efforts will be golden week discount until May 9, passenger back to the city to meet the holiday shopping needs.

“To keep ‘returned by’ disappointment, the whole Suning Beijing will also send power to all outlets, the traditional home appliances, communications and
Digital products are large-scale price cuts and gifts to ensure that customers get benefits, it would be Suning feedback on the new and old customers, while, for the upcoming Mother’s Day, Suning has specially prepared a variety of beauty appliances, full bath, massage chairs and other gifts, as Mother’s Day gift. “Su Ning said relevant.

Addition, Suning’s No. 1 flagship Liujiayao store will close shop after the holiday greeting reinstall, reinstall the front, bargain-hunting discount store prototypes will lead the market after the Golden Week. SABUNG AYAM