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70 million low-cost machines drop Pengcheng

With the end of the year approaching, the business secret stockpile, accumulated sales resources, and some big brand businesses rely on the strong financial strength ahead of big promotion was launched at the end. Day before yesterday, with the
Group violence a serious news, 20 million units the annual Great
Shenzhen, the industry makes an uproar. This week will be fully launched in Shenzhen Suning brilliant celebrating Thanksgiving Oe sell will last three weeks. According to Su Ning, general manager of Shenzhen Tian Rui, said Su Ning, Shenzhen, since this year, the fast growth of new stores, while 3C + business model with the full implementation of all store sales soared, the strategic position of the Shenzhen market has been further upgraded, so 3 million Taiwan Hui-war Pengcheng special machines, transportation, Shenzhen, five batches. At present, the first batch of 300,000 units based special machine, will be fully in place this weekend, with the Shenzhen Stock Suning some 400,000 units of this, a total of 70 million special machine, will be full this week, down seven Pengcheng home appliances market Great prices nearly 20% of the category.

Environmental peace of mind, thanks big subsidies

Has been public-spirited activities of Suning
Will be undertaken in the period November 25-27 public green “Jiu Jiadian recall Campaign”, Pengcheng the consumer can participate in the event Suning the shop, mobile phone,
Air conditioning
Water heater
, Stove to TM to get 50 -1200 element of subsidy.

Small appliances
Enrich the married life
Su Ning, and Jing Bao
the wedding decoration joint cultural festival, in respect of small home appliances designed for
Three packages are tailored to the freedom of choice for consumers, covering the daily needs of a variety of small appliances. In the package, based on maximum discounts.

The same time, November 25 -26 days, where the date of the stars in Suning stores, Huaqiang South shops, Nanshan shop, shop, Longgang, Bao’an create two smoke shops and other stores buy, cooker, electric water heater over single 888 tickets will be 150-200 dollars cash gifts. Against large single purchase of consumer, Suning has specifically introduced by the audience to buy the same brand hood, stoves, disinfecting cabinet three-piece + any of the water heater temperature is over 7999 yuan price to send a 20-inch Skyworth
A surprise concession; purchase any single audience full of 299 yuan to send a small electrical fare to 20 dollars. Allows large customers and small customers have the same surprises.

First “four times the sun”

Intimate services: electrical purchase professional guidance suggested that the process of sending real-time ITU remind installed, the service call tracking hundred percent return visit; Charitable Service: Emergency services dedicated green channel, special populations, accompanied by hand to enjoy the sun 1 +1 Action Service ; Worry Services: Global selection of co-suppliers to ensure that the scale of the procurement price advantage, self-service life-quality protection; assured service: All members of sales, life-long VIP services, accompanied Sunshine Shopping guide, one-stop installed for a full set of appliances.
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