Suning Air Conditioning “blue Promotional Whirlwind” Is About To Sweep The Country –

White Price frenzy, Air conditioning Frozen World War II before the annual season opening start … … 2008, China

Home Appliances Industry news on the frequent emergence of hot spots, major household appliances manufacturers are no longer silent, have stepped up the implementation of a new round of marketing strategies false start 08 consumer electronics market. Recently, reporters from

Suning Side was informed that starting from March 15, Suning
Electrical Will work together in the world
Beverages Giant Pepsi-Cola launched this year’s largest joint promotional activities, a lecture entitled “2008 Good Luck immediate delivery” and “blue promotional whirlwind” is about to sweep the country.

500 million coupons sent to ignite the country
Consumption Enthusiasm Reporter learned from Suning, Suning and Pepsi of the
Cooperation Breaking the regional restriction, the two sides will launch a nationwide scale joint promotion. It is reported that those with Suning Appliance

Logo And joint promotional activities in more than 500 million bottles of Pepsi will be gradually added to our recent sales in the country, consumers in the purchase of Pepsi-Cola brand

Carbonated beverages ?? Pepsi, seven-up, Mirinda, etc.
PET Package Products, cans products have the opportunity to win prizes: including Suning Appliance to provide the “lucky gift,” “Fun Gifts” and “best of civility” and other prizes. The “Lucky Draw” for Suning Appliance to provide the 3,000 card, the “Fun with civility” to provide the 100 Suning Appliance Shopping

Electronic Coupon 1 (single purchase limit of 2200 yuan or more normal products), and “best of civility” for the 50 shopping Suning an electronic coupon (limit single purchase of more than 1,200 yuan normal goods). In addition, consumers have a chance to win a Pepsi

Motorola V8 Limited Edition Mobile 1. Reporter was also informed that the joint promotion of the winning probability of very high, such as “Fun Gifts” Su Ning and Pepsi in the country of 1.5 million to set up the winning places, “wonderful manners,” the winning number is reached 350 million. Such a large-scale joint promotion not only created a precedent for the domestic appliance industry, it is the consumer lit the passion of millions of people, setting off a new round of 315 during the home appliances market really looks like.

An occasion to “Blue Tornado”, Suning air into none other main
Last week, Suning Appliance officially released the “2008 White Paper on China’s air-conditioning industry”, and launched a 2008 air conditioning season four market measures: namely, the “best to prevent the ride prices,” “power transfer

Purchase Leverage, “” pushed Energy Environmental protection “,” pushing high
Service “Lock the Chinese air conditioning industry development in 2008, and to prove safety of Chinese air-conditioning sales and consumer trends to guide the champion. This week, Suning will seize every opportunity to carry out jointly with the Pepsi” blue promotional whirlwind “, a comprehensive upgrade in March Air parity feast, so that air conditioning again Suning’s none other main!

Addition, Suning joint promotions with Pepsi 315, the start time when the interests of consumers, Suning has also announced a low price guarantee, close protection, exclusive security, worry-free protection eight service support, covering the pre-sale after-sales service of a series of links. It is reported that Suning will help the air conditioning section 315 and the Raiders to start service, emphasis on upgrading the air conditioning service, to ensure consumers benefit from more professional and satisfactory service. SABUNG AYAM