Suning Altar Set Up Vertical Pointing Country Experts “river Swordfight” – Su Ning, Sun

When we are faced with Samsung and other foreign brands, “Taiwan-screen”, “color TV industry as a whole loss” of prophecy, the fact that when our heart is happy or worried. “The myth of Japanese and Korean technology,” Can the altar? Whether national brand comeback? Many problems we need to think. November 17, Suning Appliance combined with high river, big river mobile phone reported that the mainstream news media capital of Henan Business Daily, invited well-known industry experts and manufacturers representatives, guest rooms live big river, on the current hot issue of domestic home appliances market, “river of sword, “Toward the domestic appliance industry market status;” pointing country, “jokes Henan appliance market strategy to!

Special guests: Liu Buchen, Chinese home appliance industry, industry observers

Li Zhigang, general manager of Henan Suning Appliance Co., Ltd.

Li Zhenxiao Zhengzhou branch general manager of Qingdao Hisense

Present, the domestic appliance market, continue to occur, “Taiwan’s screen” event, we view this? In addition, the industry as “loss of color TV industry as a whole,” the prophecy, we should think about the present situation of such household appliances?

Li Chi: the recent chaos of the “Taiwan-screen” events, from one side to reflect the color TV industry to competition in the realm of a very brutal. Also reflected in the market economy, the market increasingly clear division of labor and specialization consumer market gradually.

Current flat panel TV product, the specific factory is used to introduce self-screen or “Taiwan screen”, is factory made according to the market behavior of their own choice. Enterprises to adopt the “Taiwan-screen” mainly on account of costs. However, the cost is not the same value. Taiwan as the world’s largest LCD TV screen panel production base, because of various factors, “Taiwan’s screen” the cost of the corresponding lower. But low cost does not mean that the “Taiwan-screen” to mean “inferior.”

As a brand or industry to a healthy and orderly development, we must establish long-term mutual trust with consumers, the attitude of mutual understanding. For Suning speaking, no matter what products sell and strive to provide consumers with more products you want to want to know, as more manufacturers provide a sound platform for the common mutual benefit.

As of now the industry’s “total loss of color TV industry,” remarks, Suning not agree. Business is business, “Peibenshengyi without people”, while the color TV industry is really a loss, from the makers of the recent market performance, is still not good to jump to conclusions.

Li Zhenxiao: Recent hot industry of the “Taiwan-screen” incident shows the day of flat-panel market competition. Various brands are all related strategies taken to deal with. So, who will be in competition with low cost advantages. Taiwan, the main reason for using the product because “price”, considering the cost. Low cost, their prices are low. But low cost does not mean that the quality of time.

According to statistics provided by Yee, Hisense flat-panel sales have been leading. Hisense is to operate high-end technology-driven products, and strive to bring consumers the best products. Hisense also been established in accordance with their direction to meet consumer demand.

Liu Buchen

: I want to say is, “Taiwan’s screen” does not mean “inferior.” Even if the sub-brands like BMW, high low-end products. Japanese and Korean enterprises in order to enhance the competitiveness in the Chinese market, increase sales share, boost growth, reduce production costs in Taiwan with a relatively inexpensive screen itself is no problem, can not use the “Taiwan-screen” to simply be attributed to fraud. After all, state law does not expressly provide LCD TV screen and the screen can not use the origin of Taiwan must be fully informed consumers. Taiwan screen itself is no problem with Taiwan’s screen is justified, but asked the consumers, but not the right to inform consumers of the origin of the screen is a violation of consumer rights, and if the use of Taiwan’s flat-screen TV shift the price is equivalent to self flat screen TV, That is called fraud. SABUNG AYAM