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Hundred newest products unveiled innovative home appliances in China Awards 2009
Home Network News HC : November 28, domestic appliance retail giant Suning will join China Industrial Design Association in Beijing Suning Lishuiqiao shop jointly launched the “2009 China’s creative appliances Awards” event. The tour lasted 4 months, and consumers voted, with “Tomorrow, N th power of life” as its theme, will be in Nanjing, Tianjin, Xi’an, Chengdu, Guangzhou,

Shenzhen , Wuhan, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and other 10 cities nationwide caravan tour in succession to the theme. Then,

Samsung , LG, Haier, Siemens, AO Smith, United States, and Bosch, Whirlpool, Dopod,
Matsushita , Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Philips, Little Swan, side too, 9 Yang, Supor, Qin Yuan, etc. are first-line appliance brands will carry the latest, most IN, most innovative products full participation in science and technology to show the international wind appliances , played one new chapter in the application of technology, and consumers can vote on your favorite products.

To bless the motherland 60 years birthday, Suning strong launch of “N-th power of life tomorrow?? Innovative home appliances in China Awards 2009 National 10 City Tour” activity, not only for national calls and to stimulate technological innovation to expand domestic demand replacement of household appliances positive response, is Suning Appliance Oscar Ceremony following the previous years, customer listening project, built between manufacturers and consumers an effective bridge of communication directly to another major move. By the newest innovation, technology, concept product real show, with the consumer interactive zero distance, not only reflected Suning to promote the development of the domestic appliance industry, the idea of responsibility, but also show understanding of Suning Appliance of science and technology, as well as quality of life advocacy.

According to the International Association of Industrial Design
Huangxiu Wu introduced the Secretary-General, to focus the world’s newest, most innovative and technological content of a national tour home appliances, the first time in China. But as the nation’s largest home appliance chain Suning to launch such a large-scale organized activities, shows Suning status in the industry, but also to grasp the market and consumer demand. Each appliance technology innovation, not derived from the laboratory, but from consumers, market demand determines the R & D line, this, Suning this global demonstration of the latest household appliances, is to demand that the full display of the results and played a communication bridge.

Reported that the Awards Call for creative home appliance products have more than 100 different exhibitors, city caravan organized by the display, interaction, experience, voting, show the composition of the five areas, consumers can not only understand the product in the active site to appreciate the changes brought by technology, but also express their willingness to vote on your favorite product selection. Voting results of all consumers, will combine the post-dozen of the selection of the views of industry experts and network evaluation results and, ultimately, by the end of “2009 China Design Award appliances,” published last stop.

This event, the major well-known home appliance manufacturers have come up with the hottest in the domestic market innovative products to participate in the Suning caravan tour. Samsung, the world’s leading appliance manufacturer, carrying a variety of original products exhibition, including Samsung B850-7000 series of ultra-thin plasma,

Washing machine WF8804CPA other high-tech products. Belong to South Korean home appliance giant LG, also a number of categories exhibitors, fashion KF350 (ice cream)

Mobile , Noble LG Fridge GR-P247JHM full debut tour activities, etc.; known
White Siemens in the aristocracy, but also brought generous display of the latest products; domestic brands also produce the most competitive products exhibition, Little Swan Washing Machine TG100-1100ESD (S);

America’s refrigerator ? Van Tai Lo refrigerator BCD-228UT; Haier XQGH100-HB1297A villa designed for large capacity washer dryers; X108 country’s first 3G network and telecommunications bundled 10-inch notebook PC also participate in this event. The Dopod S910 mobile phone, the unique design of the popular diamond cut surface; Bosch glass door wine cooler KGF29946TI some bright spots.

Products in this exhibition can be said to focus the world’s most innovative home appliance products, including some not present in the home appliance chain stores selling the products, also unveiled this tour. SABUNG AYAM