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2010 of consumer-electronics spending is a good start
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The first day of New Year’s Day 2010, Suning Appliance sales usher in opener, the seven categories across the board gains across the board, compared with the overall growth in 2009 reached 130%. It is reported that this year’s New Year’s consumer electronics market by home appliances
TM to
Consuming countries such as policies to promote the new decoration, wedding and other appliances of the Demand of rigidity, the growth rate significantly higher than same period last year. In addition, the Suning Appliance launched a series of promotional initiatives, shopping pumping bars, gift and so full of promotional activities on the gift. Meanwhile, China Mobile and other operators, China Merchants Bank, Minsheng Bank and other banks jointly launched in phases with Suning fee-free shopping, gift card so let promotion. Siemens, Haier, Midea, HP,
, Sony Ericsson, Lenovo, Canon, Sony, and other brand worth mentioning is that this New Year’s Day TM to directly stimulate the consumption of home appliances accounted for 50% of the overall Suning!

TM to new heights

Appliances TM to state subsidies of 10%! Suning Liujiayao see in the shop, trade-in reception waiting in the queue already, many people are waiting for home appliances TM to. In the New Year period on the basis of ultra-low-cost, to participate in TM to ever again be able to enjoy 10% subsidy, so huge none other so many people have added to the TM to the past. It is reported that New Year’s Day on the first day, trade-in the total amount of more than 50% of total sales,
, Refrigerator, washing machine, computer and other people TM to become a hot category.

Singing the way joint venture TV sales

Accordance with established practice, into the end of the year, New Year and Spring Festival with the before and after the advent of color TV category has become a top ranking in major appliance category one of the major products sell well. The occasion of the inter-face for their one big family Xin Tian flat, has become a large number of consumers coincides with the original intention.

News from Suning
Division was informed that only the December 31 New Year’s Eve day, the National Black Suning sales growth of 130% compared with the same period. Suning black, according to general manager Li Bing introduced through the New Year before the joint venture brand product lines and price adjustment in the date TV market competing with domestic brands equally matched, although the 32-inch and smaller section of 32-inch Sony flat-panel LCD and other special impulse machine is still being driven by consumers, yet the policy in the TM to continue good and New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and other “holiday effect” of stimulation, 40-inch and above large-size flat over last year and normal showed Xianchu rapidity growth. At the same time as the price of color television joint venture diving, making the first day of New Year’s TV venture sales share to increase substantially over 60%.

Also known as “the next generation of flat-panel” in the
LCD TV in 2010, the dawn began to concentrate on New Year’s hair force, LED LCD TV retail sales in some brands accounting for more than 20%.
Strong Sales

Reporter from the air-conditioning, general manager of Suning Cheng Fei was informed, from December 24, the Suning Appliance 2010 National New Year’s Day promotion has already started. During 2009, whether domestic or joint-venture factory air conditioning brand brand factory, fully adjust its fixed-frequency energy-efficient products and the conversion of production line as the leading core of the next, relying on the state in 2009 for full implementation
Projects that benefit the
National implementation of the policy, making the overall domestic consumption and high-end air-conditioning products rose significantly.

The fourth quarter of 2009, according to Su Ning, air-conditioning sales data showed the country to two or more energy-efficient air-conditioning and constant frequency
Inverter air conditioner
Products, has led a second-tier cities across the board, so this is the traditional off-season conditioning market is more popular than last year. But also in areas with adequate heating in Beijing this year also presents an unprecedented situation really looks like.

Refrigerator, washing machine consumer the ability to fully release
Strong Sales
drum, three refrigerators that are enjoying a more open the refrigerator door on Strong Sales … … Suning learned from the recent news of domestic refrigerators, washing machines and high-end consumer trends, products are entering the stage of a comprehensive updating. SABUNG AYAM