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Retail giant Best Buy late last year after intervention Xujiahui, April 18 “Daily Economic News” learned
Xujiahui also will visit this weekend
Center and boasted more than 50%
Products proportion to stores “high-end positioning.” In addition, it was revealed during the year, Shanghai’s first digital single store Suning will be settled in Xujiahui. Obviously, Suning is seeking from the General Electric digital appliances to break through. Industry that cut into the Xuhui Suning This time a large scale shopping district, the southwest corner of the closure coming Xuhui digital class
Force, which is bound to result in Best Buy’s positive consumer customer base retention and scraping.

It is understood that the first store Suning Appliance is located in the Xuhui Xuhui south, and 10,000 body Museum,
Household formation horn trend. Area of 7,000 square meters, followed the “3C + flagship” store model construction; shop significantly improved, including
, Digital,
, Flat-panel digital products such as weight management, its operating area of more than 50%. Not only that, with the other stores combined average per unit price compared to 1300-1600, the shop all the categories will be higher than the average unit price is about 500 yuan, or 30% -38% higher.

Ling Guosheng, vice president of Suning Appliance admit, this store is out of the “digital Suning” consideration are designed to position the operator is also moving in category “middle-grade” to go. Earlier this year, Suning Appliance for the first time the “Digital Suning” clear in its annual plan, the new shop will be full to the “flagship Class + digital class” restructuring. Said Ling Guosheng, stationed in Xuhui is “Digital Suning” a necessary step in planning. In addition, the first number of Suning Appliance Suning stores on April 21 will be opened in Nanjing, management, including
Almost all IT products. The number of Suning in Shanghai, the first single store will also settled in the second half of Xujiahui.

The same high-end positioning in the same category-based digital, and even quite scale, Suning Will this shop with the formation of positive loves the Best Buy? It is learned that the store Suning stationed in Xujiahui with the end of Best Buy’s first store in China is only 1.5 km away. More importantly, Suning this store location is an important transport hub in Xuhui District, around the shuttle bus routes are 39, 1,3,4 rail line, the southern gateway to the city center of Shanghai’s throat way. Business-related investigation, according to Shanghai, the Shanghai Xuhui southwest collection of more than 30% of digital consumer power. In other words, Suning entrenched this “true intention” Obviously, is hoping to divert south to tourists. Suning 1
Layer frankly: “The store is expected to cut from Best Buy Xuhui southwest direction to the passenger.”

This, Best Buy were quiet, did not agree Suning will seriously affect the performance of their argument. Industry pointed out that for Suning, the presence is not a small risk of Xujiahui, the first thing to address is the lot cost. The resulting pressure has been in previous years in the appliance retail stores and spans Xujiahui is difficult to cross over between a gap.
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