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May 30, the National Development and Reform Commission published the first “energy-saving air-conditioning projects that benefit the” concrete ideas, in the face of domestic air conditioning market, the central government will begin this year on June 1 by way of subsidies to promote efforts to increase energy efficiency air conditioning, public subsidized model and the amount of subsidy,
Electrical first respond to the country this week, consumers will be able to enjoy state subsidies in major stores cut prices brought benefits.

According to “promote the implementation of energy efficient room air conditioner rule” requirement, the state will have energy efficiency level 2 of the air conditioning for 300 ~ 650 yuan / (sets) of subsidies, energy efficiency grades 1 to 500 to 850 air-conditioned yuan / (sets) of subsidies, June 1, the major factory for the record settlement products will enjoy the Treasury to subsidize the cost of energy efficiency, energy-efficient air conditioning that state subsidies starting from June 1 in the market officially started. At the same time, including
, Washing machines, flat-panel TV products such as 8-class financial subsidies to energy policy which is intensifying its development.

News, in the appliance industry has caused a tremendous response, major brands have air-conditioning subsidies for participation in reporting standards consistent with energy-efficient air conditioner models, but as a continuous 19-year Air China
Suning Appliance also the first title to make the response.

Executive president of Suning Appliance Sales Headquarters Jin Ming said, “Since the state
Air conditioning energy efficiency
After the implementation of standards, subject to price factors, energy-efficient air conditioning has failed to become mainstream, the introduction of energy-saving projects that benefit the country, to the high direct financial subsidies, will make energy-efficient air conditioning and the price gap between the low energy efficiency was quickly disappearing, the sales volume and market share will quickly enlarge, it will expand domestic demand to stimulate sales and consumption structure optimized air-conditioning played a great role in promoting, Suning will actively participate in the implementation of national policies to promote the popularization of energy-efficient products. “

Learned, because the state subsidy rules to adopt a “first price cuts manufacturers, and countries subsidy” policy, the country farmer none other more will be reflected in retail chains such as Suning terminal, in the form of direct subsidies to lower prices . Suning’s 2009 National Air Festival is under way, this week introduced targeted subsidies, including energy-efficient,
TM to
Subsidies and subsidy package, including hanging cabinets triple subsidies none other activities, and the joint of the Whirlpool, Midea, Haier,
, AUX, Hisense, Kelon, Matsushita, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning brands such as 18, to report to the NDRC’s energy-saving demonstration of energy-efficient products, add “Festival” word identification, and also adjust the terminal Guapai Jia, down increase the standard rate in accordance with state subsidies, plus another double Suning subsidies to establish the maximum reduction is expected to more than 30% of customers this week to buy air-conditioning can be described as facing a “golden” for the next

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Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance official launch of “energy-saving products Waste Management Project”, through financial subsidies, to promote energy efficient products, programs on energy efficiency grade one or two more air conditioners, refrigerators, motors and other 10 categories energy efficient products and energy efficient lighting products have been implemented, energy saving and new energy vehicles for financial subsidies to form an effective incentive mechanism to improve energy efficiency market share, effectively stimulate domestic demand, especially consumer demand, and subsidize the object is to buy energy efficient products, consumers and users. SABUNG AYAM