Super White 5 Key Tips Pores

Most people have trouble large pores, clear pores is not symmetrical so it does not appear bright color factors, to begin improving the pores, pores white muscle after the skin look like tofu, like people envy Oh!

Love beautiful waitress urgent want to make Whitening Maintenance However, whitening products to buy before you confirm this because the skin is not white is not caused by the pores.

Exclusive Cheats! White focused on the total pore order: that is to hot and cold on the skin four steps of the top two priorities is to successfully master the temperature changes, as the case may choose to raise or lower skin temperature and skin temperature, as long as we can make good use of this principle at home can easily improve your acne and the pores of the problem.

Tip 1. Hot steaming face Blind to Washbasin Warm in the steam blowing in the skin.

This method is very simple steamed face, as long as the temperature of hot water into the basin, Take immediate implementation, will face close to the use of steam to help, about 3-5 minutes to steam one. Can be purchased even though there have trafficked face steaming device, as long as water can be unplugged for maintenance.

Tip 2. Heat Towel Spreading face Tips for skin care

the relaxation and Cycle Great help, as long as you can prepare a hot towel to maintain effects, floating to clear acne. The hot tap and then wash with water, the effect will be amazing Oh!

Ready to make a clean towel and heating temperature, and then folded towel on about five cm wide strip. Start the warm towel from the forehead over the cheeks hot, it will face skin covered up, then gently press the towel with the palm of your hand to make the heat effectively.

Tips 3. Paul refrigerant sent Used to maintain Beverages Ice degree of protection refrigerant, for people who want a great astringent benefits of Oh! Can be used in addition to usual care, in engaging in outdoor activities can also guarantee ice cold drinks with a small dose Refrigerator Out with the band, when the outside temperature rises, skin sebum secretion changed feel more sticky skin contact have changed when I took out the small towel Ice light after the Cooling agent deposited in the face, not only help cool the skin, better prevention of coarse pores by heat expansion problems arise.

In Life Museum will be able to buy groceries such a small cold insulation agent, with this convenient props, better help to achieve the effect of narrowing the pores. To ensure refrigerant in a small towel wrapped inside, to avoid too cold insulation agent to stimulate the skin over the ice, can be coated into a small rectangle. Will be wrapped in the towel cold insulation agent deposited in the whole face of the skin, especially cheeks and easy to clear pores of oil out of T-site, so that instant tightening pores.

Tip 4. Moisturizing Essence of wet packing

Skin becomes dry rough cheeks feel tight, or often appear cheeks Fufentuozhuang problem is that additional water may enhance moisture, in case of emergency such as time of appointment, will be able to come to the aid of a secret make your skin supple and elastic.

Out moisturizing lotion or a collagen solution to the check amount on cotton. Determine the buildup of cotton tailor a belly full of beauty solution, then tore two light spreads in the skin. Attached to two Cheek, wait about 5 minutes to allow the ingredients to fully penetrate to reach emergency moisturizing effect.

Tip 5. Out of the door 20 minutes to complete Sun

Seriously took the time to do maintenance tightening pores, but also not cheap to buy a whitening essence fluid to smear, not just to nurture non-white skin pores, therefore, at the end Your key is not ignored That is the work of the implementation of the sun, the sun UV radiation directly to the skin once a long time will cause spots on the skin and the aging generation, the door would smear a good sunscreen 15-30 minutes before exposure to the sun in complete protection reached effect, and then wipe up with timely, so that no track to take advantage of sun.

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