Symptoms of Autism

Of late, there has been a lot of talk about Autism, and an increase in its incidence. If you are a parent, there are so many worrying things that you feel intimidated by news like this. Many theories have been put forward for its incidence such as an increase in the level of heavy metals in bloodstream. There are many questions as a parent that baffle you; how do you ascertain Autism, what are its signs, and if you need to get opinions and further testing for your child?. it is difficult to define Autism in simple terms because of the complexity of the disorder. The situation thus becomes confusing for parents.

There are differences in opinion among doctors themselves about the signs of Autism. Studies show that every one in 150 births in US suffers from this debilitating disease. Studies indicate that the prevelance of Autism could reach 4 million in the country in the next decade. The disorder is not high in any ethnic race and can occur in any family. The symptoms of Autism can be detected as early as 18 months of age in a child. It is a must to see that thechild is reaching the standard milestones at right age. Any kid who has a sibling suffering from this disorder is at a greater risk.

Thankfully, the disorder is treatable, and there are greater chances of recovery if the detection is done at an early stage. Lack or delay in spoken language is a strong sign that the child may be suffering from Autism. Other signs include repetitive mannerisms, little eye contact, little interest in peers and fixation on parts of objects. You can tell a kid is afflicted with this disorder when he does not maintain an eye contact with a person and rather stare at objects. Such kids also do not repond when spoken to. Physical contact is disliked by such children. Such children look isolated from surroundings and stay quite most of the time.

Here it is important to note that not all kids meet the standard milestones of development. Even if there are one or two signs of Autism, it is not necessary that the kid is suffering from the disorder. Parents should go for more tests to confirm if the child is suffering fro Autism. The first step is of course to consult your pediatrician, who will refer the kid to a specialist. You need to educate yourself about the disorder and the treatment that needs to be taken up. There is no need to lose heart as the kid can be treated.