Syndicating Metzgers Mob

Mike Metzger encompasses the belief and tradition that is not prevalent in unconventional sports that fields unconventional athletes. Metz, as he is popularly recognized by friends and loved ones, has had a higher influence and effect to the sport of Freestyle MX than any person else. Mike was capable to execute one particular of the most legendary tricks in Freestyle MX back-to-back backflips at X-Games ’02. One a lot more memorable trick that he was able to carry out was the 125 feet backflip over the Ceasar Palace fountains in Las Vegas final May 2006.

He is renowned and respected among X-gamers and both fans and riders alike. Although he at the moment does not ride competitively, he nevertheless has the history and the accumulated respect of 3 Gold and two Silver X-Game medals that back up his credibility. This means that his firm, Metzger Limitless and the accompanying MOB Syndicate produces can create a brand and name that individuals will follow into the future of FMX.

Metzger, also known as “The Godfather” desires to interpret the Freestyle MX sport into a properly known notion that daily men and women will be in a position to realize and appreciate in their own way.

How does he plan to do this? Through MOB Syndicate.

MOB Syndicate is the Godfathers Freestyle MX riding group that he produced in 2009 by gathering up-and-coming riders with massive potential and a deep adore of the sport. The MOB Syndicate is at the moment a lot more of a demo group comprised of Anthony Murray, Brody Wilson, Chuck Carothers, Destin Cantrell, Matt Buyten, Julian d’Usseau, Nick Dunne, Vinnie Carbon, John Reiser, Thomas Alves, Robert Distler, Wiley Fulmer, Steven Haugalstine, Keith Sayers, Rich Kearns and more.

Their purpose is to bring the respectability that an organized group can bring to the Freestyle MX scene by traveling the globe and represent the organization in a expert manner. They do this by driving a market for Metzgers Unlimited merchandise, items of partner organizations, and talent bookings for the riders.

This is a single the futures of Freestyle MX, and this is only the starting. With other teams becoming formed or already existing, it is only a matter of when just before the Freestyle MX scene becomes an organized syndication of the Action Sports genre.