Tailgating: A Picnic With A Purpose

Every September, football fans all over the country gear up for the start of the football season. Whether your passion is college football or the NFL, tailgating is a great way to spend time with friends and families before the big game.

Does a tailgate qualify as a picnic? It certainly does in our book. Here are a few tailgating essentials that you should consider when planning your next tailgate.


This is a no brainer. If you’re grubbing down before the game, you’re going to want to scarf hot dogs, hamburgers and bratwurst and you’re going to want them steaming hot. Of course, you don’t want to lug a huge grill around. If you’re looking for something seriously convenient, check out the variety of products offered from Freedom Grills. These grills can be mounted on the back of your truck hitch for ultimate convenience. Another nice option is Toolbox Grills, which has a number of small, compact grills great for tailgating picnics.

And if you need some grill tools, we carry a huge selection for you to peruse.

Ice Chest/Wheeled Cooler

No tailgate is complete without a full selection of cold beers and soft drinks, which is why a heavy-duty cooler is a necessity. Picnic World carries a massive selection of wheeled coolers, all fully-insulated to keep your beverages ice-cold, and capable of holding anywhere from 20 to 300 cans!

Picnic Blankets

Good for lounging on before the game or keeping your warm in the bleachers when temperatures drop, a picnic blanket is another tailgate must. Waterproof models tend to be the best bet, as spills can be pretty common, especially when things get exciting.

Chairs and other Picnic Accessories.

Standing may be fun in the heat of the action, but if you’re outside tailgating for long time, you’re going to want a place to sit down. How about some tables, chairs or drink holders? Check out our picnic accessories for all of those odds and ends that you’ll need during your tailgate.


Remember, you’ll need something to lug all of us this gear to your tailgating space. In addition to a large selection of picnic backpacks, we also carry sports fan lunch bags and totes. These have team-specific designs and are great gifts for the sports nut in your family.

What Else?

Well, if you hammer through that checklist, you’ll be about as prepared for a great tailgate as you can be. The only other ingredient is a healthy dose of team spirit, but that’s one of the few tailgate supplies we don’t sell. SABUNG AYAM
Dusty Springfield – Son of a preacher man

Dusty Springfield – Son of a preacher man