Taiwan’s Flat Panel Stand Ready To Go To The Mainland For The First Time Giant Factory – Au

The face of the Chinese market this big “cake”, Japan, Korea and China’s domestic companies have recently announced the construction of the second generation in China
Plant, which makes Taiwan’s panel began to hold herself back any giant.

Yesterday (September 3, 2009) there is news that the AU Financial Officer Yang Yu said that many cities in China mainland invitation to AUO, AUO will want to invest in plant locally. This is the first time Taiwan’s flat panel giant clearly expressed intention to invest and build factories on the mainland.

Reporters yesterday (September 3rd, 2009) call the AUO, the company marketing and promotion office confirmed to reporters Xiu-Fen Li, said: “Financial Officer was interviewed by Taiwan media disclosed the above facts, but are now restricted to local government restrictions, the plant is included in the Mainland which future plans. “

Yang Yu in the interview that at present, including the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Beijing and Tianjin, mainland provincial and municipal governments to invite friends over to the mainland has long been invested in panel factory.

Previously, because of policy restrictions, Taiwan’s flat panel business for the factories to the Mainland is always very low key, did not show much enthusiasm.

2011, the Mainland will become the world’s largest single
Market. Friends of the Mainland market share reached 20% share of shipments this year, with the market size will grow and the proportion of AUO shipment on the mainland will be increased. Therefore, AUO is also keen to visit the mainland factories.

Yang Yu said this, I hope the local government to change and gradually open the industry to set up plants in the Mainland. Although the panel factory moved to the mainland, will Taiwan’s economy, employment and business activities have some impact, but AUO both want to be a win-win Taiwan’s economic and industrial policy.

Panel shipments accounted for the Mainland market share of 40% of the Chi Mei is especially expected. General Manager Wang Chao Chi Mei has also expressed the hope that after the deregulation, also went to the Mainland factory settings panel.

However, with the panel giants like construction panel factory in the mainland market, Wang also expressed concern over “the current permit Mainland LCD
Factories to the Mainland set up panel factory, without any restrictions, so will result in excess capacity. “

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Liu Buchen, experts yesterday (September 3, 2009) told reporters that the excess capacity currently considered premature. Currently there are 60 million units in the Mainland panel demand in the future 3-5 years, China has to bear 60% of the world
Flat Panel TV
Production capacity will be more than 100 million tons. According to the current capacity has not yet put into surplus.

Liu Buchen proposed AUO, Chi Mei to seize the opportunity to enter the mainland factories, “as soon as possible if they do not enter the future
After the completion of such foreign investment, AU Optronics, Chi Mei’s cost advantage will not exist, is likely to lose the huge mainland market. ” SABUNG AYAM