Taiyuan 2000 Year Old Street Collective Retirement

The provincial capital Taiyuan, more than 50 streets are still using the 2000 low illumination, high energy consumption of mercury, all laid off next year, replaced by energy saving, high-pressure sodium lamp illumination significantly. Recently, urban lighting management revealed the news.

[HC Lighting Net] Replaced Mercury lamp Is energy saving, according to high pressure Sodium lamp

The provincial capital Taiyuan, more than 50 streets are still using the 2000 low illumination, high energy consumption of mercury, all laid off next year, replaced by energy saving, high-pressure sodium lamp illumination significantly. Recently, City Illumination Management Department disclosed the news.

Held the same day the political popularity of the forum style cum supervisor duties, from all departments, more than a dozen grassroots representatives, and urban lighting management person responsible for lighting the work around the city freely. For residents of some of the delegates proposed street do not look too bright, the old city of lights can not be in line with the South New street lights, lamp posts in the community, Lightbox Such questions can refresh paint, lighting management office head 11 is explained, and next year’s farmer initiatives were also introduced. City Streets are brightened

“The fact is that a good few nearby residential streets have no street lights, now Liangtang Tang’s it!” From the community on behalf of a resident, said in his speech with three “Thank you.”

Her feelings are for this year’s lighting management continue to increase the city’s street lights, street lamps without installation. City lighting management office, said, Taiyuan City, the existing Article 400 of small alleys, its street reconstruction since 2007, been included in the focus. After three years of efforts, as of now, no lights city street has been basically eliminated.

Municipalities verification through the streets one by one investigation, for the dense population, aging facilities, a serious, life long run facilities to transform the area, these areas include jianhe area, junior hospital doctors mountain region, Central Hospital area, orientation Street area, north gate area, western part of North Avenue, Hollywood Town Road, West Mine Street, Shahe and so a total of 104 street. Replacement of Lighting To 2185 sets, 450 million yuan was invested.

“Taiyuan now the light was 98.13%, exceeding the required 96%, taking the forefront in the same city.” Relevant person in charge said that on this basis, the provincial capital Electronic Continue to expand the coverage of monitoring, 76%, “as long as control of lighting facilities within the fault, we can timely monitoring and timely treatment.”

In the next year with a completely mercury

“Now, although some road lamps are good, but the brightness is very low, like a decoration, there is no good solution?” With resident representatives to make such a question.

This, management of urban lighting head not avoid “low illumination vast majority of old mercury lights. In the past, the use of such lamps are basically light. Mercury is not only high energy consumption, illumination also very low. “relevant person in charge explained that in recent years, the Department increased the intensity of mercury lamp replacement transformation, but due to funding constraints and other factors, as at present, the provincial capital there are 20 roads near 2000 street-lamp is a mercury lamp.

“But now tell you good news, next year we will eliminate all of the use of mercury.” The official said. Mercury currently in use will be replaced by high-pressure sodium lamp, high pressure sodium lamp is not only less energy consumption, high brightness has the same power consumption, lighting is better.

Meeting also monitors proposed lighting is significantly better than south, while the Old Town, North City Light lighting level is not high, lighting is not perfect, and when to rebalance?

This, lighting management official said, now moved south west of Taiyuan City is implementing the strategy, south of the larger urban construction investment, but that does not mean ignoring and Old Town. Starting next year, will proceed to the old city, the replacement of old lighting, the inner preliminary plans to the South West, Shiqianfeng Road, Yi Fen Street and other areas included in the renovation.

Increase efforts to protect lighting “Street is a window of urban civilization, we must enhance the lighting of protection, continued beautification of these facilities.” At the forum, many grass-roots monitors say.

A supervisor said that now she can see a lot of lights are often posted on a small Advertisement , Beautiful lights tarnished image. In response, City Lighting Management Department made it clear that transforming the old facilities, excluding facilities for potential safety problems and beautify the appearance has been a top priority. The first half of this year alone, the building, the North Shahe, Jinci Road, Building 45 South and other sections of Taiwan made a distribution cabinet rust paint handling, and update the box changes, distribution cabinet spray, paste, warning signs and monitoring calls 66 Department. To rule out potential safety problems, the appearance of landscaping facilities, pay off addition Jiefang Road, Government Street, Fuxi, Pingyang Road, Changzhi Road, more than ten lots of debris nearly 400; remove the old wire and other facilities in more than 300 groups removal of illegal, expired ads nearly 400 facilities; new Jinci Road, Jiefang Road, etc. 8 Street to clean up debris pole; check Jinci Road, Changfeng Street, south of the new street lamps.

“Next, we will work with relevant departments to step up efforts on the protection of lighting.” Relevant responsible person said, especially for small ads Luantie phenomenon will increase the removal efforts, but also hope the public to protection to the ranks of lighting, lighting facilities found damaged, call 4074849 to report service calls. SABUNG AYAM