Take a Break With Friends!

The troops have been rallied and they’ve already packed their toothbrushes. The opportunity’s finally arrived for you to leave the washing up, ironing and dusting behind because a night with the girls is just around the corner and you probably can’t wait. There’s really nothing quite like stepping off the treadmill for a night in a hotel with your girl friends to make you feel young at heart again.

When you choose your destination, do make sure the hotel offers everything you might want for your girlie break. If you simply want a night away catching up over a formal dinner in a restaurant and a few drinks to boot then it’s probably preferable to look for a smaller hotel that has an excellent reputation for fine food. But if you want an all singing all dancing night away with pampering beauty treatments, maybe a trip to the Jacuzzi and gym classes for you and all the girls, make sure the hotel has an adequate Spa with suitable facilities available to you. It’s sensible to book any treatments you intend to take advantage of when you make your initial reservation. That way, you won’t be disappointed when you get there. If the hotel has a pool, it’s a good idea to check availability when you make your booking – and remember to tell the girls to bring their costumes.

Just because you’re heading off to a hotel with your friends, remember it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to trip the light fantastic in the restaurant in the evening. Pack your little black number by all means – you can put on the glamour and make an entrance if you wish, but lots of girls prefer to stay in their room and enjoy a simple night in. Many hotels understand that this is what a girlie break is most often about and so they positively encourage it. In such hotels, there’s usually a well thought out choice of food available so you can stay in your room and enjoy being waited on hand and foot. With tasty nibbles, big platters and informal suppers that have been created to be shared with friends, you most probably won’t want to get dressed at all for dinner. It’s a totally relaxing way to end a session of pampering in the Spa. And there’s more opportunity for a good girlie gossip – without interruption!

Many hotels also provide little extras to make your girlie holiday really special. It’s worth checking when you book as it might influence your choice of hotel. For film lovers, some hotels have a selection of DVDs for you to choose from. Providing you can all agree on which one to watch, you can all recline in your room and enjoy a chick flick in real comfort. You may be offered complimentary bathrobes or taster beauty treatments, or maybe a complimentary bottle of fizz, guaranteed to really get the party started from the minute you walk through the door.
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Guitariste dont la réputation n'est plus à faire, Pat Metheny est un artiste prolifique sans limites ni frontières et qui se produit sur scène à raison de 200 concerts par an depuis 1974. Le guitariste à la quarantaine d’albums et gagnant de plus de 20 Grammy Awards, compte
de nombreuses collaborations avec les plus grands tels que Gary Burton, Joni Mitchell, Charlie Haden ou encore Chick Corea.
Après le succès de « Unity Band » et « Unity Group », tous les deux récompensés par des Grammy Awards, Pat Metheny a décidé de faire une pause en 2015 (la première depuis 1994). Le célèbre guitariste est revenu sur le devant de la scène en mai dernier pour la sortie de son nouvel album « The Unity Sessions », version audio de sa performance live avec le Unity Group.

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