Take Advantage Of Easter Promotional Gifting

The holidays in general are a great time to show your appreciation to your clients and employees, as well as to start up an advertisement campaign to attract new customers. Promotional gifts in general are great because everyone welcomes a freebee, especially over the holidays. The gifts are incorporated not only to make an impression on your current customers, but find fun and interesting ways to attract new ones. Over time the promotional gifts will pay for themselves and continue to bring in new customers for a long time to come.

The next major holiday coming up is Easter. This is a good time to start working on your new advertisement and promotional gifts campaign in order to take full advantage of it. Easter offers great opportunities as far as promotional gifting as chocolate is very popular for this holiday, and chocolates are the most inexpensive promotional gifts. They come in all shapes and sizes, you can purchase individually wrapped chocolates, bars, boxes, and many more different options. No one says no to chocolates, they are universally loved and appreciated, especially for Easter, so you know you can’t go wrong by offering them. Along with the many choices of chocolates you have many choices of wrapping and colors to match your logo which will be on each chocolate or box.

If you want to do something more creative than the simple chocolates, or add to them, there are many other choices. A really fun way to show your customers your appreciation as well as offer them something with your logo is through gifting logo bugs. These are fun little characters that have a ribbon that has your company logo and contact information. You can choose from many different types of creatures, however, for Easter its best to offer a little fluffy chick or bunny. These little creatures are then placed on top of the computer or on the window and constantly remind their owners of your company as long as they are within their view.

The popularity of promotional gifts has grown and will continue to grow because everyone likes a freebee. Gift giving traces back many centuries and everyone associates it with when they were a child and received gifts. It a sure way to win a smile on someone’s face. Promotional gifting just takes it one step further, by associating that good feeling the receiver gets, with your logo that is on the gift. What this does is every time they look at your logo or think about your company they will associate it with the feeling they get when they received the gift. This is a totally different reaction than someone that has never seen your logo or received a gift from your company.

Gifts that have real value or use really go much further than a gift that will be put in a drawer or even trash can and forgotten. It’s just that extra step to make an impression and to stand out. It’s the best way to get both return business as well as free advertisement for future business. The more the gift is used and appreciated, the higher the chances of more business you have.

Once you’ve chosen the gift and put together you strategy as to who will receive it, you need to take one extra step in order to complete the process. This step is very important as it gives your gift a backbone. To do this you need to plan the presentation. The presentation consists of two parts, the way the gift will look, and the way you actually present it to the receiver. If your goal is to make a special impression on a particular customer or show a particular employee your appreciation for a job well done, wrap the gift nicely and hand deliver it if possible. Both are very simple things that take almost no effort and very little time, but are very effective.

Lastly make sure you enjoy the act of giving promotional gifts. The corporate world can be so competitive and serious. This is one way to lighten the mood. Choosing something that people will like helps create longevity in your campaign making sure your business is around for years to come.
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Craig Marshall
NAMED 2016 SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR BY THE AUSTIN SONGWRITER'S GROUP “Marshall deftly weaves a bit of rockabilly with a twang and a rock beat. This winning combination showcases his solid songwriting and guitar skills.” – Guitar World Austin-based musician Craig Marshall believes that as a songwriter, he’s only as good as his next song. Fortunately, the prolific Marshall always seems to have a next song on tap, with a songbook that goes back thirty-plus years. The latest entry into Marshall’s discography is his sixth album After All, arriving via Big Ticket Records on August 7th. The record is Marshall’s second outing with producer (and longtime Marshall admirer),Robert Harrison, leader of the critically acclaimed band, Cotton Mather. “Craig Marshall has always kept his artistic sights trained on the loftiest of goals,” comments Harrison. “That is to craft songs that are immediate, timeless, and classic.” Indeed, the songs on After All show off Marshall’s gift for penning and performing the kinds of tunes that helped country-inflected folk to eventually become the Americana genre. His longstanding status as a well-kept secret speaks to his influence, while his skills transcend genre at the same time. “I’m hearing Buck Owens or Merle Haggard in my head when I’m writing a song like ‘After All’ or ‘The Only Sound,’” Marshall says, but in fact, two of After All’s centerpieces, “Something On Your Mind” (the album’s first single) and “Only Till The End of Time” navigate firmly in the Petty-Beatles lane. Marshall’s love of The Beach Boys and The Bee Gees can also be heard, and over the years, critics have cited artists as diverse as Badfinger, Marshall Crenshaw and XTC when describing Marshall. The songs on After All do show these influences, but ultimately a Marshall fan will hear a Marshall song, and the uninitiated will be treated to a warm, familiar sound that plays unique and fresh. Marshall considers After All, (the follow up to 2013’s Hiding In The Doorway) to be a continued return to form after four albums released in the early 2000’s that leaned more on a band aesthetic. Now, Marshall’s winning voice and acoustic guitar are front and center again, further showcasing his songwriting skills. “I’ve returned to the song-driven music that I was playing when I first moved to Austin,” he explains. “Writing timeless songs has always been the goal, but starting with the last album, and even more on After All, I seem to be able to connect with listeners in a much more visceral way, and I’m finding people reacting and commenting on my lyrics in new way, too.” New ways of connecting can be hard fought for a career musician. Marshall’s lengthy musical resume stretches back to his teen years performing with various combos in his hometown of Syracuse, New York. After moving to Austin in the early 1990’s with his then-band, The Delta Rays, he soon found himself establishing and leading the locally popular Sinatra-style jazz-swing outfit, The Lucky Strikes, which kept him busy, but eventually provoked the urge to get back to the personal songs that are his trademark. The resulting work cemented Marshall’s growing reputation as a writer, leading to his songs getting picked up for a variety of film and television soundtracks, being covered by revered Austin-based songwriters Trish Murphy and Penny Jo Pullus, and American folk-rock act, The Kennedys, and being honored twice by the Austin Songwriters Group for tunes that now appear on After All (“Bitter Times Disappear,” “Back For More.”) Most recently, Marshall’s notoriety among those who know has helped him start an exciting new working relationship with fellow songwriter Kostas Lazarides, who has written hits for Dixie Chicks, Dwight Yoakam, Patty Loveless, and many more. “He became a fan of my writing, and I invited him to Austin so we could work together and share the stage at an Austin Songwriters Group showcase,” Marshall explains. With the release of After All on the horizon and this new writing partnership in the works, fans of Marshall both old and new can be assured that he will be providing many more “next songs” in the future. After All by Craig Marshall arrives on August 7th, 2015 via the artist’s own Big Ticket Records label. The album’s first single “Something On Your Mind” is streaming now. http://www.craigmarshall.com
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