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?? Guo Yufu kai row corn harvester not won the national science and technology awards
Tianjin Guo Yufu farmers access to national science and technology won the jackpot! This is a national Agricultural Machinery A major industry news, the national agricultural sector glory.

Each year in January, the Central should be held in the Great Hall of the National Science and Technology Awards Conference. Prime Minister presided over by the Central Government, the National President of the Conference and with the prizes to the winners. Before winning the party and government leaders met with representatives from a group photo with representatives. What a great honor!

National Science and Technology Awards are divided into State Supreme Science and Technology Awards, the National Science Award, State Technological Invention Award, State Science and Technology Progress Award, the International Science and Technology Cooperation Award. In 2008, the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the increase Innovation Enterprise workers, peasants Technology Innovation Award.

A farmer to obtain national technology award, you thought about it? Over the past only heard of intellectuals, scientists, experts and professors access to the national science and technology awards, the peasants do, really think about it. If access to the national science and technology awards this person is a silly peasant farm machinery, have you thought about it? If farmers, how are farmers get is a farming hero, able to get on the wheel agricultural people? If the winning person, that you are familiar with people who delve into corn harvester, you thought about it? Out corn harvest? The status of agricultural machinery really so high on it?

Really! Agricultural Mechanization in the country’s status is really improved. Think about it, from the central re-issued in 2004 for the “three rural” issue No. 1 central document, the Agricultural Mechanization in the country’s status to be “optimal for sesame steadily high.” 6 years, the Central Agricultural Mechanization has changed from “increase Agricultural machinery The level of “upgrade to” speed up agricultural mechanization, “the urgent requirements. From this point of view, one addicted to farmers access to national agricultural research and development science and technology awards, but also feel strange? Now, won the State Science and Technology Progress Award of the farmers Beverly is familiar Tianjin Agricultural Development Corporation Guo Yufu. inventor who pushed farmers to the National Science and Technology Award of the peak? should be said that the era of reform and opening up his own farm machinery infatuation.

Recommendation and evaluation
Finalists in 2009 National Science and Technology Progress Award of the farmers of technological innovation projects “4YW-Q-type full-size corn harvester independent research and development to promote self-transformation.” The project is a subject classification in the State Science and Technology Progress Award of workers, peasants and Technology Innovation Award for independent research and development of advanced manufacturing equipment and major projects. Projects recommended by the China Agricultural Society, the country recommend three. One assigned to the Agriculture Commission of Tianjin and the Tianjin Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology Agency. “Farmer”, “Technology Innovation”, “independent research”, which three elements make Tianjin Agricultural Institute and the Agricultural Committee of Experts of the options in a row out of the “Corn Harvest”, “not OK”, “Guo Yufu,” This 3 a factor. Years, corn harvest has been the focus of crucial topics Agricultural. Therefore, not row corn harvester success, Tianjin great passion for agriculture expert attention and support, they Guo Yufu this simple peasant spirit of dedication and studying too familiar. They project the field of agricultural science and technology in the country too much to understand the position occupied, and they reported the likelihood of success of this project has a sufficient grasp and beliefs. After careful study and discussion, in consultation with the Tianjin Science and Technology Commission, and finally decided to award of this valuable national science and technology reporting targets assigned to the Wuqing Science and Technology Commission. CST Wuqing well aware, because not line their corn harvest Wuqing pride, they know the project’s influence in the country, this is their Wuqing contribution to the National Agricultural Science and Technology. SABUNG AYAM