Tale About A Spa

“Are you familiar with Elle Woods, the chick lawyer from the movie Legally Blonde? She could not bear the insults of a fellow wannabe at Harvard . She dashes to a spa and has her best foot spa ever. Stress buster!

The rationale behind this is simple. Removing yourself from a present stressor and engaging in something worthwhile right the next second truly eases all the pain away and alas, the woman of the day emerged the victor and not the victim.

What does this “spa thing” have to do with stress and pressure flying above the head?

1. Laughing at your stressor saves your face additional wrinkles. Stress can lead to release of some hormones that may actually make you age faster. Ever heard of people who look way older than their age? Steroids are released when you are stressed. Most people who have outlets for stress are less likely to experience bad “head” days and are more likely to survive middle life challenges than those who cannot handle stress. Most stressed individuals belong to the middle aged groups. Getting de-stressed adds color and meaning to life.

2. Those who constantly go to “spas” or engage in other diversions are more likely to vent what they feel and share what they feel with others resulting in a heap of negative emotions taken off their chests. Google “Broken Heart Syndrome” and you will most definitely want to stay away from emotionally stressful situations.

3. Spas and their services have sedative effects. Most of those who go to spas have experienced dozing off or at least felt dozing off on any given treatment time. A simple pedicure can sedate you as well as a facial oil massage. Try to look around spas and youll right away notice that it is surely their ultimate goal to send clients into dreamless sleeps. I had massage moments in a spa that sent me off to sleep and I gave the biggest tip ever. The world’s natural stress reliever is sleeping. So when you go to a spa and feel dozing off, by all means doze off!

4. Effect of this is nothing short of feeling good about yourself. When you feel good, chances are you look good too and when you look good, everything around you smiles. So take that moment to stop and just let go. Indulging yourself at a spa can be last thing on your list, but it may also be the only thing you need to make it through that stressful day not obliterated by stress and pressure.

Nothing is forever. Life is too short. It is meant to be lived with passion and gusto. If stress take the best of you, then take the best of what you have, pack your bag and head on to the best place that you can and spill all your worried away and live life to the fullest.
Sabung Ayam
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